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WBAI AfroBeat with Keith Harmon Snow on the new "Leaked" U.N. Report on Atrocities in Congo 1993-2003

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WBAI AFROBEAT RADIO NYC Saturday 4 September 2010

In the interview linked below, keith harmon snow talks about the Politics of Genocide and the truth & lies about the recently "leaked" UN report on atrocities in Congo from 1993-2003, and the now "established" evidence of genocide against the Hutu people committed by Rwanda.

(For AFROBERAT listeners, below you will also find a short reading list of key authors on these subjects, as well as a list of the authors or sources that have been generating propaganda, establishment flak and/or outright lies.)

Kagame's secret militias always falsely described as Congolese -- the CNDP and previous RCD -- bloodthirsty cold blooded murdering in Eastern Congo tolerated by the UN and assisted by the UN, US, UK, Belgium, Germany and Israel.

This UN report is another form of whitewash, and its very interesting to see how the media and the intelligence flaks used as mouthpieces on the media spin and twist it. Of course, the report has major problems, but that's the nature of our racist war against people of color everywhere.

Howard French has commented for the New York Times -- U.N. Congo Report Offers New View on Genocide -- a very political commentary where French once again does not tell us everything he knows, just as he didn't do so in his book A CONTINENT FOR THE TAKING. French was NYT Bureau Chief in East Africa circa 1994-1999, and was on the ground when HUtus were being butchered -- he even tracked with them -- in Eastern Congo (then Zaire). French's report on the UN report upholds all the standard narratives, and he even choses as one of his "experts" Timothy Longman, the co-author of certain reports on "genocide in Rwanda" written with US State Department official and Human Rights Watch Rwanda expert Alison Des Forges -- reports which established the false narrative about genocide in Rwanda and laid the groundwork for mass murder by Kagame and Museveni's forces in Congo. It's very interesting that the system would resurrect Howard French to write this report, who went on to become the NYT Bureau Chief in Shanghai, and abandoned the people of Central Africa. Of course, perhaps the NYT doesn't trust its own agents, like Nicholas Kristof just keep discrediting themselves through the lies and propaganda they produce, which any thinking person can understand to be manipulative if they choose to think outside the box.

Jason Stearns -- a former salaried UN (MONUC) DDRRR employee who went on to work for the intelligence flak group International Crises Group, and was based in Nairobi -- has been "interpreted" the report for the media in Dissecting Rwandan Criticism of UN Report on Genocide and other reports -- putting his own spin on things, also further working to maintain the false narrative of "genocide in Rwanda". Stearns is adamant to point out that this report will be used as ammunition by the proponents of the "double genocide in Rwanda" to try to make their case. The Christian Science Monitor carries Stearns blogs, and itself, like Stearns, has been hunting innocent Hutu refugees and adding to the dehumanization of all Hutu people, and supporting the Kagame regime.  Stearns is working to do damage control, given that the US has supported the brutal Kagame dictatorship for so long, and is now distancing itself, and is believed by Rwandans to be a U.S. intelligence agent. The CS Monitor's Max Delaney is also believed to be an intelligence agent and has been hunting Hutus and rewriting the Congo Rwanda history to suit western power.

Boston is home to the powerful interests that have backed Paul Kagame, and been involved in plundering or propagandizing Congo, including the CS Monitor, Ben Affleck, First Boston banks, Cabot Corporation and others.

Also, watch for some nasty propaganda about the UN report from Philip Gourevitch in the New Yorker, but be sure you understand who Gourevitch is and what crimes of deception and conspiracies of disinformation he has committed on behalf of the US, UK Israel, and their blood-drenched Kagame regime.

Like most media and their agents of disinformation, Stearns and French both deflect attention from the conclusions in the report that the genocide against the Hutus in Congo is the exact same pattern of "genocide" seen in Rwanda in 1994, so both and most others uphold the false and twisted establishment narrative whitewashing and protecting the Kagame and Musevni regimes war crimes etc in Rwanda 1990-1994, and onwards. Of course, the report  whitewashes all western involvement in the wars and genocides in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Unfortunately, I don't get a chance to deconstruct their western media propaganda.

The report also minimizes the death toll in Congo, minimizes the numbers of Hutus hunted and murdered, whitewashes the Mobutu years, and does not appear to mention a single white western interest involved behind the killing and plunder -- names like George Forrest, Elwyn and David Blattner, Maurice Templesman, Philippe de Moerloose, Louis Michel, BANRO, Southern Era Mining, Barrick Gold, American Mineral Fields, GTZ  -- and all the officials who helped cover us the US military invasion of Congo/Zaire and the cold-blooded murder of the Hutu refugees during the Pentagon's invasion of Congo/Zaire and the Clinton and Bush II Administrations war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in the Great Lakes region of Africa, 1993-2003.

In this WBAI Afrobeat report I am only able to scratch the surface on these issues.

Most significant about the U.N Report is the fact that the team of investigators didn't enter Congo until 2008, almost a decade after some of the worst atrocities, meaning that many witnesses would now be gone or dead.

The report has a massive bias, as usual, in favor of Tutsi people, and against Hutu people, no matter its conclusions -- "which [genocide] must be proven by a competent court of law" -- a requirment never applicable to the "genocide in Rwanda" declared as early as 1993 to be a genocide against the Tutsi people -- victims -- by the Hutu people -- killers. This is how the story was turned upside down.

In this AFROBEAT radio broadcast we were interrupted three times by technical difficulties, and we didnt have much time, and then they went to questions. As I have said already, I was barely getting warmed up -- barely able to get into anything. But I have clarified my positions on these issues in my writings, which are also reflective of my state of day position, meaning that as more information becomes available, I shift my position to be in greater alignment with the truth.

When I get the chance to compile all my thoughts, facts, evidence, knowledge into one book it will offer a more coherent analysis and narrative of what really happened. Obviously, any article (forced to be short so as to meet readers expectations of sound bites and simple histories, or to meet editors foolish ideas of what constitutes "news" that people (readers) will and wont read, or to satisfy the imperatives of a capitalist ragsheet) will be "full of holes" but if anyone cares enough to understand the greater issues they will look into the wholeness of the conglomerate of work I have done (just as they might read any one book all the way through).

At present, my position on "genocide in Rwanda" is summarized like this:

[1] The RPF/UPDF/UK/US/Israel invaded Rwanda from Uganda and butchered everyone in their path all the way from Byumba to Zaire;

[2] Kagame and the RPF facilitated and assisted in the mass killings of Tutsis by creating the conditions that Hutus would kill Tutsis (primarily out of self defense, fear and terror of what the RPF was doing) and what is known as "the Rwanda genocide";

[3] infiltrated the RPF into Kigali with the UNAMIR help;

[4] Kagame with MOSSAD and CIA and (probably) Belgian help shot down the plane beheading two governments;

[5] infiltrated the interahamwe with RPF;

[6] RPF also killed many, many Tutsis (who had stayed behind in Rwanda, because Kagame didn't trust them) directly;

[7] there is no evidence of a "conspiracy to commit genocide" by the Hutus/FAR/Interahamwe;

[8] there is tons of evidence of a conspiracy to commit genocide by the RPF/UPDF with Roger Winter from USCR;

[9] this was well established by Robert Gersony and Refugees International in 1994;

[10] there is clear evidence of conspiracy to commit genocide by RPF in Congo against Congolese of all ethnicities, and of Rwandan and Congolese Hutus, and mass murder of UPDF in Kisangani -- as well as Congolese civilians -- by the RPF.

[11] The Pentagon -- with US special forces, equipment, funding, logistics, C-130's, Humvees, special communications platforms on Idjwe Island and in the Ruwenzoris -- and US State Department officials were behind it.

[12] This is continuing today, with massive US involvement.

As far as my statements "generalized" or otherwise, about the AID (misery industry) -- I was too kind. Its much much worse than I portrayed it. If anyone wants to apologize for the misery industry, the United Nations, the nasty western propaganda system -- go right ahead. The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Finally, read my stories and you find I am almost always specifying "Tutsi extremism" and "Tutsi extremists" and the RPF -- and Yoweri Museveni, Salim Saleeh, Hypolitte Kanambe, etc etc.. -- as the true perpetrators. I am not anti-Tutsi. However, there are these huge questions about all the "returning refugees" -- the Tutsi disapora who flocked into the blood drenched Rwanda after July 1994 and seized assets (lands and properties) that did not belong to them, and who covered up the truth of what happened (because they get money, property or other assets out of it) and went on with the RPF charade to persecute innocent people (Hutu victims), and all the supposed "genocide survivors" (Tutsis) who were not even Rwandan but Ugandan, etc.

So, all in all its very clear who the real winners are and who the real losers are: All Rwandan and Congolese and Ugandan people are subject to white systems of predation and hierarchies of suffering and hierarchies of violence where whites are at the top, the Kagame kind of monster is serving their interests, and the perks trickle down to the closest "leaders" (as long as they dont step out of line) . In this equation of violence, all people of color are the victims. It then follows as I have often said -- it seems "reasonably" clear that one or two or perhaps as many as four hundreds of thousands of Tutsis were killed in Rwanda in 1994. But the application of the word genocide to this situation is highly politicized and hegemonic. I simply refuse to play the white man's game (of my own people).

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Click here for AfroBeat link with introductory background text (written by Afrobeat):
keith harmon snow on UN "Leaked" Report on Atrocities in the Congo 1993-2003

Or play this:

Keith Harmon Snow On UN Report on DR Congo from AfrobeatRadio on Vimeo.

Archival link to protect file for future listening in case it disappears from Afrobeat site: keith harmon snow on the "Leaked" UN Report on Atrocities in Congo 1993-2003


Here is a short list of authors and sources for further information on the truth about what has happened in the Great Lakes of Africa. Of course, my own work goes into these issues in detail and has many references and footnotes. You can find my Congo/Rwanda articles on this web site and on All Things Pass(.com).


Remembering - The Congolese Holocaust: A tragic reality of fascist ideology in a unipolar world


Africatime - Republique democratique du Congo


Rwanda: No Conspiracy, No Genocide Planning ... No Genocide?


The Gersony report



Authors to read on the subject -- anything by the following writers:

Chris Black

Peter Erlinder

Ann Garrison

David Barouski

Mick Collins

Yaa Lengi Ngemi

Wayne Madsen

Michel Chossodovsky

Charles Onana

Beatrice Umustesi

Chicago Public Radio has done some reasonable stuff (but NPR is generally or always pushing the false narrative).



Edward S Herman and David Peterson -- THE POLITICS OF GENOCIDE

Robin Philpot-- Colonialism Dies Hard -- That's Not What Happened in Kigali (On web site of Phil Taylor: http://www.taylor-report.com/Rwanda_1994/)

Charles Onana (only in French)

Howard French -- A Continent for the Taking (Caution to reader: French is not forthcoming about all he knows and has served, and continues to serve, the propaganda system. Nonetheless, he does address the subject of atrocities against Hutus in Congo, which he witnessed to some extent, and which few other writers or journalists did at all. His pro-Rwanda and pro-Uganda context is also apparent).

Wayne Madsen: Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa, 1993-1999 (Also caution to the reader, since Madsen also peddles something of the standard line on Rwanda 1990-1994.)


David Barouski's on-line text about General Laurent Nkunda

Adam Hocschild's -- King Leopold's Ghost (Congo)

David Gibbs -- The Political Economy of Third World Intervention: The Case of the Congo Crises (1960s -- but still importnat)

Janine Roberts: Glitter and Greed (diamonds, Tempelsman, Oppenheimers, De Beers)


Enjoy Poverty - Renzo Martens

Kisangani Diary -- Hubert Sauper (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbD76cWdBHc)


Philip Gourevitch -- We Wish To Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families (Pro-RPF/A propganda)

Romeo Dallaire -- Shake Hands With The Devil

Brian Mealer -- All Things Must Fight To Live

Fergal Keane -- Season of Blood

Gil Courtemanche -- Sunday by the Pool in Kigali

Michelle Wrong - In The Footsteps of Mr Kurtz

Everything by the NEW YORKER on Rwanda/Congo/Uganda and Sudan.

Everything by The NATION

Everything by MOTHER JONES

Everything by IN THESE TIMES

Almost everything in the New York Review of Books.

Linda Melvern, Gerald Caplan, Philip Gourevitch, Gerard Prunier, Alison Des Forges, Rene Lemarchand, John Prendergast, Ben Affleck, Colin Keating, Andrew Young, Susan Rice, Donald Payne, Bill Berkeley, Fergal Keane, Alan Kuperman, Timothy Longman, Mahmood Mamdani, Elizebeth Neuffer, Peter Uvin, Samantha Power, John Berry, William Schabas, Alain Destexhe, William Shawcross -- all peddle the propaganda line on Rwanda, which destroys the truth.

Everything by ENOUGH! and John Prendergast and International Crises Group is propaganda, one way or another (meaning no matter how honest it sometimes sounds).

Eve Ensler's organization is making a lot of money on the suffering in Congo, and she has not spoken honestly about Congo or Rwanda. The RAPE IN CONGO narrative is being used to cover up the truth of western mining and AFRICOM involvement, and of western misery industry plunder. (See keith harmon snow: THREE CHEERS FOR EVE ENSLER?)


Hotel Rwanda (See my writing HOTEL RWANDA)

Sometimes in April - director Raoul Peck, who directed LUMUMBA, has it very wrong on Rwanda.

Shake Hands With the Devil -- Dallaire propaganda.

Last King of Scotland -- racist Uganda propaganda.

Invisible Children -- Enough!

The Devil Came on Horseback -- Darfur propaganda.

BLOOD DIAMOND -- supports myths about the diamond industry etc.

KING KONG -- deeply racist.




International Crises Group

International Rescue Committee

United Nations

Jane Goodall Institute

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund


Save the Children


STAND (Students Taking Action on Darfur Now!)

Raise Hope for Congo

Center for American Progress

Doctors Without Borders

Animal Planet

National Geographic

BBC/New York Times, Washington Post, Le Monde, etc.

Written by: keith harmon snow

Photography Credits: unknown

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