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Posted on March 25, 2011 10:38 PM | Permalink | 1 Comment | Printer-Friendly View | Share This Article

Written by: keith harmon snow

Photography Credits: keith harmon snow

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1 Comment

mwafrika | April 5, 2011 11:46 AM

Hi Keith,
Stumbled upon your site...man, this stuff is heavy!! Good to see you are still alive in 2011 ( seriously...this article is only a month old.
Generally as someone whose familiar with great lakes, I must say you GENERALLY are spot-on about the crux of the issue (plunder of resources).
Here's my take..rather than focus on sporadic "victims", soldiers and conjecture that cant be proven (trust me...TIA even after 1000 years the blame game will go on) why not focus on the big boys behind the scenes? I mean seriously, you heard about following the money trail. When these MNCs are identified it is harder to delink coz
1) These mining interests are static- one cant just pullout and setup shop elsewhere.
2) Corporate entities are real and are required by their host nations to adhere to certain laws.
3) There is proof that compensatory damages and cease of operations will end the fuel to the fire...think blood diamonds and how the world quickly distanced itself.
I'd be happy to see a similar campaign to show the great lakes dragnet and how the world is tainted by all these blood minerals...show how cell-phone coltans cost decimated villages, mass rapes and killings...you can alter the world image and therby effect change..the soldiers kagames or musevenis are just puppets in the game. If you change the game, they wont flourish.
I think this calls for such publicity.
I read some of your articles and while Im sure you are a respectable journalist, sometimes, the narrative comes across as a rant and even as you yourself said contains unsubstantiated claims from sometimes anonymous sources.
If you go identify minefield no. 38, show how its used to extract raw material x for corp Y and how they influence things in one of the nation, then you have compelling and actionable prosecutions a reader can act by. Just stating that some hutu or tutsi head count is a lie and that the mass media is wrong doesnt leave the reader convicted.
Hope you realize that this in no means takes away from the great and sacrificial reporting you done Keith. Your patience even with dissenters and ability to drill down to them is a gift...hope you can realize greater heights with it.

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