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Your World News Interview with Keith Harmon Snow The Politics of Genocide

Posted on December 19, 2011 4:55 PM | Permalink | No Comments | Printer-Friendly View | Share This Article

Interviewed 19 October 2011 in College Park, MD, by Professor Solomon Comissiong of Your World News.

Genocide in Rwanda is a complex event that has been reduced to few soundbites:

* 100 Days of Genocide from 6 April to 15 July 2011.
* The Hutu tribe butchered the Tutsi tribe.
* Senseless, mindless, African savagery.
* We knew (Clinton knew) and we did nothing.

Such is the established and official narrative.

The real story is far more complex. The U.S. military was involved. The U.S. proxy forces -- an English-speaking Tutsi elite who invaded from Uganda -- killed Hutus, they killed Tutsis, they facilitated the "genocide" against innocent French-speaking Tutsis, they killed Tutsi recruits who came to join them, and they committed genocide against Hutus from the first day of the invasion, 1 October 1990, and through the so-called 100 days, into the present. The killing continues. The mythology continues. The impunity continues.

Written by: keith harmon snow

Photography Credits: Solomon Comissiong

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