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Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse

keith harmon snow

The story A LIFE SENTENCE can now be found in the book published under the cover title:

Burning Sage Publishing House
First Edition published 15 January 2016 (sic)

Available on AMAZON:

Written by: keith harmon snow

Photography Credits: keith harmon snow where noted

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Amy Smith | May 1, 2012 10:46 PM

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
You are a good man Mr. Kieth Harman Snow.
Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you again!
Amy Smith

Susan Skipp | May 1, 2012 11:28 PM

Thank you for telling our sides. So much more to be told.
Thank you

Molly Shannon | May 2, 2012 12:27 AM

Thank you for telling our stories. So much has been lost. Our children's safety and joy in life. Our homes, finances, friends and family. Hopefully, this sort of article will help to expose the thugs of family court.

Ashley S. | May 2, 2012 1:32 AM

VERY VERY long read.

My mother sent this to me, and it is crazy that he has custody of my brother and sister. I am not able to see them or talk to them on the phone unless they are with mom.

He has yet to return my emails and calls begging him to allow them to come to my college graduation.
I have been atleast lobbying for HB 5440 , in hopes I can get visitation easier. They are afraid to ask to call me when they are at his house.

People are money-hungry and disgusting.

But it is not always about sexual abuse, it's physical and mental abuse rampant as well.

Cindy Dumas | May 2, 2012 1:38 AM

Excellent article by the rare investigative journalist courageous and caring enough to expose one of the worst social problems ever--courts deliberately giving children to rapists and abusers while depriving them of their loving moms. Thank you Keith! Please follow up with more...

keith harmon snow | May 2, 2012 8:02 AM


I have temporarily disabled COMMENTS due to numerous hostile comments from one of the people who denigrates Lori Handrahan. Will turn back on in a day or two when I can manage these comments. Please come back. blessings

keith harmon snow | May 3, 2012 7:47 PM

Indeed, I will delete any comments that suggest that I have not researched and do not understand the case of Lori Handrahan. This is not censorship, it is quite the opposite. If anyone wants evidence of the nonsense that has been produced to slander Lori Handrahan they can find it all over the web, but it won't be allowed here.

Elizabeth Richter | May 3, 2012 11:27 PM

I am so grateful to see this article out finally. I have been fighting this nightmare for six years now. I was alone for most of the time until recently Keith contacted me and asked me about my story. Since that time, I have met so many other protective mothers who, like me, are simply trying to do the right thing for our children. Once it came out I sent this article to everyone on my contact list in my email and I would suggest that all of you who read this article do the same. What Keith has described with Sunny Kelley and Lori Handrahan and many others, including me, is absolutely the truth. Before I entered the trial court in Hartford, I never would have imagined the corruption and evil that are everywhere in trial court. Judges lie, attorneys extort from you every bit of money you have with little regard for the consequences. All of them violate the law and blow off the constitution with impunity. In fact, if there is one thing Judges hate to be reminded of, it is the constitution. You will hear from people who are going to challenge the stories you will read here in this article--people will scoff, mock, ridicule, present convoluted arguments, and cite what even can appear to be credible evidence in an attempt to fog the issues and deny the truth of what has been reported here in this article. Trust me, however, these people are lying. They are clever, sociopathic, corrupt liars. I hope to add more comments as this situation unfolds. But if there is one thing I would like to leave you with, protective mothers, women who are unaware, living in the State of Connecticut, beware of family court, and all the court personnel, attorneys, judges, psychiatrists that work there. Because if they can, they will take you down and they will destroy you.

Cleopatra | May 3, 2012 11:29 PM

Ah, as we see above, another case of villifying the mother in order to elevate the father/alleged abuser to Sainthood.

Thank you, Keith, for your courage in researching and publishing this article. I hope there will be more to come.

Similar things are happening all over the U.S....although from my understanding, CT is one of the worst offenders. How many children must be sacrificed on the altar of corruption and greed before the public will finally rise up and say, "ENOUGH!"

Unfortunately, I believe it may take a generation or two of these children (victims), upon becoming adults, who may choose to stand up and speak out about the injustices that they were served. This trend has already begun, and their numbers are growing.

The problem is, the American people are in a state of denial. They believe that women are favored for custody, unless they are severely unfit....this was the case, under the "Tender Years Doctrine," which was thrown out of practice in the late 70's and 80's. Now, all research has shown that FATHERS are heavily favored in custody matters.

The latest statistics (which are dated....I'm quite certain the numbers must be higher now) show that, in contested custody cases, father's will prevail about 75% of the time. In addition, about 80% of custody disputes involve domestic violence. Very few judges, attorneys, custody evaluators, GALs, etc have adequate training in detecting and handling domestic violence.

Typically, when a mother loses custody, she is treated as the proverbial "crack wh*r*." People refuse to believe that a good and fit mother could lose custody of her kids. So often, when these moms stand up to tell their stories, they are shooed away by people who think, "She MUST be hiding something.....even an 'OK' mother doesn't lose custody." So often the mothers hide their heads in the sand, in shame. Kudos to these moms for standing up and speaking out....not only for the sake of their own children, but for future generations of children who may suffer the same fate.

What is REALLY sad is that a father with a history of abuse is approximately 3 times MORE likely than a NON abusive father to receive custody of his children. This is a travesty to the millions of good men and wonderful fathers out there who SHOULD have equal rights and access to their children under the court system.

Instead, it seems that the system is set up to reward the parent (male OR female), who is the most willing to fight dirty, lie, deceive, and spend big bucks on destructive and senseless litigation. It is the "perfect storm" for abusers desperately searching to maintain control over their victims who have finally said "ENOUGH!" and walked out the door.....only to be abused again by the family court system.

These stories NEED to be told, instead of just hidden away and kept as the dirty little secret.

Thank you for kindling the fire.

Ariana Leilani Coalition | May 4, 2012 12:17 PM

Excellent and very thorough. As in the case of Ariana-Leilani, it is sometimes a matter of life and death...and right now, the courts are letting death is win. http://www.ariana-leilani.org

Claudine Dombrowski | May 4, 2012 1:16 PM

Job well done. The 1st step is exposure, the 2nd is outrage, the 3rd is change. There are to few articles, to few willing to expose. Thank you!

American Mothers Political Party | May 4, 2012 1:24 PM

BRAVO!!!It is refreshing, hopeful and inspiring that the 'genocide against mothers and their children' is making it's way into mainstream media.

Excellent, investigative reporting and the humanity to expose what is really going on. Battered Mothers and their Children Nationally thank you and all others who do their part in exposing 'The best kept dirty little secret in our Family Courts.

Deanne Rose Upson | May 4, 2012 1:26 PM

This reporting deserves the Pulitzer Prize.

The same situation is happening to me in the courts of VA, MD, and DC. I plan on suing them all in federal court. I hope that my case will be reported on.

In my case, the biological father is an internet sexual predator who raped me and threatened to take my baby away if I did not have an abortion. He proceeded to do so using the exact same tactics that are documented in this article.

The biological father, William Earl Wallace III, is a big shot, $50M net worth, Washington DC litigation senior partner.

I have all the evidence right on transcript of the conspiracy between him, the judges, and the lawyers and other quasi-court officials to bribe the judges and funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to everyone involved in the conspiracy.

I have repeatedly reported to the FBI and all state law enforcement authorities as well as child protection authorities. No action has yet been taken against Wallace and the conspirators.

My daughter has been kidnapped and concealed for over 5 1/2 years of her nearly 8 year life by Wallace.

My case involves all forms of abuse. I have repeatedly told the courts and authorities of the abuse and Wallace's lies. In my case, Judge Richard J. Jamborsky actually yelled at me in court and said "I DON'T CARE IF HE'S A BRUTE!"

Wallace's retaliation against me for not having an abortion is heinous and reprehensible conduct.

I will be in the upcoming documentary Lawless America being filmed this summer. This documentary highlights the corrupt judiciary in every state -- all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Thank you once again for this excellent article. This reporting deserves the highest award in journalism.

Joy | May 4, 2012 3:53 PM

Excellent article; and truly amazing to see it finally being focused at the failures of a system that have become resignated above the law. Reading this has not only opened my eyes to the deeds of the court business, but also that my knowledge has now become absolute. Same circumstances, different state, same players, exact outcome. Read like a horror novel, with fictional characters that are playing the same lyrics to the same beat of the money factor in surpressing the one's telling it as it is. Shifting in high gear to hide the evidence and make the litigant suffer vast amounts of cruel intentions, only to end at a threat; that if I said anything, I would be killed. The court practices in all avenues of illegal acts with no accountability.
Sincerely, (My heart goes out to those who are, will be and did, step into the vortex of the court system).

Valerie Rosproy | May 4, 2012 4:51 PM

BRAVO! Just another mother with the same story in Wichita Kansas-now in the dragging out stage of Appellate Court by the District Court illegally allowing me to have the record on Appeal to fight Pro Se. My own attorney. It too is against the law, but we all know the drill. I too have two sons and they are now 10 and 11 with their father and the evidence is insurmountable. I have been fighting for them since they were 3 and 4.
For many of us here too. Thank you for telling the TRUTH to the public!

Valerie Rosproy | May 4, 2012 5:10 PM

Meant to say NOT allowing me acess to the record on Appeal! Blessings to you Keith!! May God be with you and yours!!!
And change.org-you can stop sending me your e-mails. I knew what you were from the start. By the grace of Almighty God.

Carol | May 4, 2012 8:52 PM

I have been through this crazy-making Family Court System too, here in Oakland CA., and I represented myself for most of it. My EX was abused as a child and abuse distorts the personality. Abused abusers lie without a conscious and it is about power and control.

I also think that people who have been abused as children become professionals in this court system and distort it to this extent. Nothing else makes sense.

I suggested in a letter "To those who could make a difference..." that a jury and panel should rule with a judge in contested custody cases. I am "lucky" my children are not being sexually abused, but "only mentally/emotionally abused".

It is like living in some other universe; in somebody else's nightmare.

Carol,B.A. mother of two in full custody of their NPD father.

Pam Bertram | May 5, 2012 10:53 AM

I have been through this experience in Douglas County, Minnesota, from 1988-1994. My now three adult children are in need of trauma recovery and they are in need of understanding how evil destroyed our family. This nightmare is a life sentence because, for us, it is 24 years after the fact that their sociopathic father and judicial abuse freely perpetrated violence with no accountability. We need professionals who are adequately trained in diagnosing pathological persons including narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy. If professionals truly care about protecting children, rather than simply blaming mothers, and then accurately diagnose pathological parents who use innocent children, we have much more opportunity to stop this flood of corruption in the Family Court System.

Glen Gibellina | May 5, 2012 9:30 PM

Are you smarter than a 5th grader
Corrupt Family Courts .
10 years 4500 pages 735 docket entries
Case 2002DR3254 12 Circuit Court of Manatee County, Florida
My reward for 10 years of effort NO CONTACT
This is a death sentence for Parents in Family Court
PLEASE, PLEASE post a comment on the letter I wrote to the editor for the record on the newspaper link. More comments, more awareness.
I will never give up on my daughter and your comments will help her understand that Daddy never gave up on her

Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2012/04/06/3983665/time-to-reform-the-broken-12th.html#storylink=cpy
Time to reform the broken 12th Circuit Family Court | Letters To The Editor | Bradenton Herald

Tina Kufner | May 6, 2012 1:14 AM

I am the third story. My boys sold for one million dollars through the United States Federal District Court of RI. Please add Judge Smith Name to this list and Dr Carol Jenny Hasbro Hospital, Sharon O Keefe as the GAL and DCYF ...state police confirmed the images as child porn in 2011 but has done nothing to get my children back or go after the above and the list of 9 lavvyers the ex Dominik Kufner hired ,,case Kufner vs Kufner "opnion and order of March 28, 2007. I have not seen my boys since the Judge order me to give thier american passports to an German citizen sexually abusing and grooming them for child porn..

Ariana-Leilani's Mommy | May 6, 2012 5:53 AM

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.” - Albert Einstein

A "train reck" - will be death now 9 year old dual German- USA Ariana-Leilani with untreated life-threatening blood/immune disorder ( Severe Chronic Neutropenia), after 4 years of waiting for medicine, toxicology, and expert medical attention in Washington, DC. We are watching a child dying..... after her death it will be too late for those who believe in right, ethics, humanity, compassion, courage, hope and love. Please sign her petition (http://www.ariana-leilani.com) anonymously or not and pass it on today to help save her life. Every signature, every voice of support for her to live counts!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Kathy | May 7, 2012 10:59 AM

Mother of Two children who have been subjected to horrendous abuse facilitated by Family Court and/or the corruption of OCS.....
We have no recourse, we cannot sue OCS....
Another child's life irreparaby damaged because of you, ____ and your co-heart ____.
Note, I hear you are a subervisor now, kudos, NOT!
Joint Custody or Shared Custody must be 'Requested' by parents who swear they will co-parent their child with one set of rules in co-operation and harmony for the best interest o the child. All other is nothing more than a scheme to feed bottom-dwelling attorneys and psychologists. They are made famous by the destruction of children.

May God Have Mercy on You All!!!

No Name - Please - Gag Order | May 9, 2012 2:40 PM

Please, do not use my name or e-mail as I am under a gag order from the Court, and I cannot talk to the press, but ironically on the day you edited this article, I landed in the United Kingdom from America, and asked for Aslyum based on the abuses and harassment from my attorney/ex- husband and the judicial system. I went through 13 hours of detention at Immigration, but after reading over the media reports and court documents of my case, I was given temporary aslyum, and issued an Identification card for the United Kingdom. The officials were astonished at what happened in the American Courts - it is a nasty secret that America does not want the world to know, but the fact that the British people have been so kind to us for the last week is giving me hope. I used to love America, but when your children are ripped from you in an attempt to protect them from abuse then something is terribly, terribly wrong, and I want nothing to do with a Country that would do that to families.

Mo | May 13, 2012 11:29 AM

This is the first truly in-depth investigative report of this epidemic that I've seen in years (besides the more limited investigations of the CA courts by Karen Winner and the handful of books addressing these issues). I'm thrilled to see it in print. Everything this reporter presents is spot-on, 100%. A growing network of advocates and activists has been trying to stem the tide of these abuses for years, with little tangible progress besides EXPOSURE of the family courts' dirty little secrets. I commend and salute keith harmon snow for his courageous, eye-opening report. The mothers to whom this has happened are often the best mothers in the land.
Thank you, Mr. Harmon. Please see

Adrienne McGlone | May 18, 2012 5:41 PM


Six years old girl continues to be held in Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DFC) foster home. A Massachusetts county judge ordered the six years old be removed from the home and placed in foster care, for the mother refusing to follow an unlawful order that would placed the child in danger.

County judges had ordered the mother to allow unsupervised visits with the biological father who has a criminal record of sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping (Superior Court District Attorney Katherine Cappelli); recorded allegations of child molestation involving his stepdaughter; imprisonment for domestic violence; years of heroin use; discharge from the military for alcohol/drug rehabilitation failure; who has mental health issues; and initially was residing in a half-way house.

The county judges orders have been forcing the Mother to allow unsupervised visits or pay the father $1,000 per missed visit. To date, the Mother has paid the father in excess of 18,000 to ensure the child’s safety.

The county judges denied the mother’s request for a home-study; alcohol/drug evaluation; mental health assessment to ensure unsupervised visits were appropriate; failed to utilize the mandated court clinics to allow expertise in the field to investigate the appropriateness of unsupervised; and further denied the child a Guardian Ad Litem.
The county judges failed to grant the child the mandated 72-hour hearing that is required for children that are placed in DCF care, and the Mother was not represented by an attorney at the time of the child was placed in DFC custody.

Although, the county judges have abused their power under Massachusetts General Law 119, which gives judges to authority to remove a child in cases of neglect and abuse. These judges defaced the mission and core values of DCF; and DCF response is they cannot intervene or the agency would be in civil contempt of court.

Further, Governor Patrick’s office, states Governor Patrick cannot intervene. Although, these judges have misappropriated the state funds and services of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

Currently, there is no court hearings scheduled to address the return of the child, and the child has been held hostage for 100 days.
During the one-hour weekly visits, Mother reports the once happy and healthy child is depressed and has lost eight pounds.

Sebrenna | May 20, 2012 9:18 PM

It has been 2 months and 2 days since a Dauphin County court judge issued a 5 page memorandum opinion outlining why he believes my extremely abusive ex-husband should, “enjoy primary physical custody” of not only our two daughters, now ages 5 & 13, but my 15 year old son from a prior relationship. According to the judge, my ex-husband is “the only REAL FATHER” my son ever knew.

If, in the United States today, we are now considering “real fathers” to mean a man who picks up a woman, while in the presence of her children, and slams her to the concrete, and then with both hands strangles her as she is suspended a foot from the ground… then yes, the judge made a fair and just decision when he awarded this “real father” custody.

If a “real father” is the man who, on multiple occasions, boasted that he was going to kill me, and attempted to make good on those threats, on numerous occasions..…again, I say yes! He should have been awarded custody of my children.

If a “real father” is the man who throws his 14 year old step daughter to the ground and then brutally kicks her in the ribs, as her friend and siblings watched in horror…I’ll say it again--yes, this “real father” should certainly have custody of my children.

And again, if a “real father” is the man who leaves a 5 year old little girl in a car alone, 10:30 at night, as she screams out in fear, and offers no comfort what so ever as he yells at her 13 year old sister (www.krineinpa.com blog titled: From the heart I will serve Day 4),…by all means, this “real father“ should absolutely enjoy primary physical custody.

These are just a few of the incidents that were testified to in open court, and/or brought to the attention of my attorney, the GAL, the court appointed therapist, and/or Children and Youth services. None of these atrocities against me & my children were taken into account as my ex-husband was handed the legal green light to continue his torment and acts of abuse. Yet instead, over the course of 4 years a plan was initiated, carried out, and then implemented to use a circle of select professionals in order to make me look like the undeserving, un-loving, un-nurturing, out of control mother, while he was portrayed as a loving father who “never once yelled at his children”.

I am posting part of my story today because I want you to know that, no matter where you are in this country, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is POWER in numbers. In order for us to even begin to affect some sort of social change we must band together. What has happened to each of us, as well as thousands of other unheard victims, is a clear cut violation of our basic human rights. You and I have fallen prey to a corrupt, unjust, and immoral court system designed to funnel millions of dollars to those professional and entities who secretly agree to destroy families for financial gain and status. Mr. Snow was diligent and courageous in his efforts to report the truth as to what is truly happening in our family courts all over this country. And now it is up to us to follow through so that his hard work and labor will never be in vain, and our children, families, and our communities can be made stronger for generations to come.

I am being directed to forge certain contacts of people who may be able to help with guidance and support in any endeavors to make sure this corruption is placed in main stream media. Perhaps the possibility of filing a class action law suit will be one of the questions I will ask. As well, I will check back with these comments daily to update you. Please, if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to respond on this forum or thru the contact page of my website.

Karen Ellis | May 21, 2012 3:21 PM

Thank you so much for at the very least validating our experiences. Thank you at the very most for the opportunity to expose the hideousness of the system and what it has done to so many of us and our children. We mothers and children have been at war, one which we are being told is not even going on as we all get abused and traumatized again and again....As we all get told we are crazy. The closest thing I can relate what is going on in history right now, is a worse version of the Nazi camps and Hitler's rule. It is a silent war where no child or adult, who stands for that which is good and right, are allowed to win. We have all definitely gone down the Rabbit Hole and so far the Queen of Hearts is being hailed as the truth teller and Alice the evil.

Heather Carswell | May 21, 2012 11:54 PM

What an astounding piece of work ! I have read a tremendous amount of articles, blogs, books , journals that have been written incredibly well about Judicial Abuse. Myself being in the Judicial Abuse Cycle myself! , but this article makes the impact of how and what myself and thousands of Mothers -great ones - and children are experiencing.. If anyone is skeptical , it's because the magnitude OF THE COURTS HAVING TOTAL DISREGARD AND DESTRUCTION OF INNOCENT LOVING SANE MOTHERS AND THEIR INNOCENT AND TRAUMATIZED CHILDREN IS INHERITLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE , EXCEPT WHEN THE CORRUPTION BECOMES THE NORM AND THE TRUTH BECOMES THE ONE THING THAT CAN CAUSE THE WHOLE SYSTEM TO CRUMBLE. But a Mother's Love is so amazing , words cannot describe..only could a bond so strong keep these INCREDIBLE WOMAN FROM GIVING UP- although they feel isolated , alone , angry, hurt, violated, helpless GUILTY - not from a crime but because we can't protect our children from who and what we fear the most ! This then leads to Depression, COMPLEX PTSD, Panic and Anxiety disorders, lack of support by friends or family who r unable or unwilling to believe us, EMOTIONAL TRAUMA AND YET OUR LOVE AND INSTINCT TO PROTECT AND FIGHT FOR PROTECTION OF OUR CHILDREN , BASIC INSTINCT, drives us forward. Believe believe believe all mothers who describe in detail similar if not identical stories as written above. Thank you for such a powerful written piece. I hope it gives some strength and hope to all of us Mothers out there who feel that not one person will believe and so fearful to speak up , they will!!

Stillhere afraid to use my name | May 25, 2012 8:38 PM

I have followed Milas case along with many others over the past 3 years that I have been forced to deal with family court. I am in Arizona and cannot believe there are not posts from mothers of this state. I can sssooooo relate to all that is said and yes it must stop.
I cannot thank Keith Harmon Snow enough. He is my hero. Thank you thank you thank you for reporting on what so many are avoiding to acknowledge let alone investigate the truth. These cases are being written off as 'disgruntled litigants' or unstable, lying, scorned, PAS women.
So many of us are alone after the fact, stunned and wounded to our very core. I have cried my eyes out begging for punishment for whatever crime I must have committed so my child would be left alone and no longer abused. I have lost much of my business of 21 years and my beliefs in the teachings to my child of good begets good although life can sometimes dish out an unfair card. As a career I have helped many get what is rightly theirs when a wrong has been committed or an accident. I had no idea going to court would not mean justice. There is no restistution. There is no justice in family court. I always believed the truth would prevail and said this more times than I could count in my life. I no longer believe this with the conviction I did if at all. I feel the words on the exterior walls of our courthouses are forgotten. Justice, truth?? Really? In the beginning an incarcerated man said he and his pastor were going to prove me criminally insane.. What? I had a crystal clear record and over a decade of raising the most wonderful child who's happiness showed in her face and eyes continually. I thought it was a sick statement after I mistakenly laughed. 3 years later, although the pastor (?)has had his psychology license revoked, it is of no consolation to me and my child, but it's not so funny and a scary statement. The damage has been done with a court appointed reunification therapist facilitating it, the emotional terrorism which was used on me and this child when the stranger, father was just released from a prison with bible in tow and he exacted the revenge on her mind he had threatened years before as I rejected him. She is no longer happy. I have had to do suicide watch repeatedly. This is damage to children immeasurable. These are lies told for money. My court minutes read as if there's been a hearing of which I was sanctioned but it really occured in a stairwell of the courthouse for the most part and I am not sure what exactly I was guilty of. These are lives forever changed needlessly for greed and possibly lack of care best I can tell. While the federal funding given to the fathers rights initiative had a good intent it must be reevaluated as this is giving access to some (many)fathers with no good intentions but ability to cut child support amounts. To do this they must gain access of children they really don't want leaving the protective mother to fight for the safety of the children when it's just not going to matter even with hard evidence this may not be best for the children. Then there's the others who are stalking through the courts. They are giving abusers the ultimate power and control of their victims lives. It's unreal. This is not to discredit the many honorable fathers I know.
Our state is known to be less than caring for it's children than the national average (maybe second worst) and finding hundreds if not thousands of uninvestigated child sexual assault/molestation cases. Cutting healthcare. Cutting education. Animals are given more care and better treatment here.
Does anyone remember Brenda Owmsby? She's the mother who jumped out of a car on I-17 freeway while her mother and sister drove her home from the courts after losing custody of her children?
How about the mother who requested a move order from Judge Padilla who knew she was in danger of the bio father but was denied and low and behold she's found to be undeserving of this and then found dead I believe 2 days later in a murder-suicide. These are two horrible cases happening in my 3 years of being associated with family courts.
Please keep this up. Please keep the light shining brightly on this topic. It will help dry the tears of the people who are watching this happen with their hands tied (my friends, neighbors, family members cried along with the childs teachers she shared what was happening and being said to her as they saw her changing)and those who are mourning the loss of family members through this broken money making system being hidden. I hope you are rewarded for your courage to investigate and report on the truth.
I will say today, "I hope the truth prevails"....

Lisa S | May 26, 2012 7:27 PM

I thought that Alaska was the only state that allowed the legal torturing and the taking of custody away from protective mothers...your article shows otherwise. The cases you mentioned play out daily in our state with the same outcome. We have the same judges, lawyers, forensic specialists and custody evaluator who hand our children over to abusive men and deem us as mothers who are isolators, false accusers, mentally ill and the list goes on. I thank you for capturing what so many of us have lived through and advocate against. As a mother who has gone through this personally and as a court observer for abused women in custody cases there seems no end to the madness.

Sebrenna | May 27, 2012 9:39 PM

Good evening

My name is Sebrenna and I posted part of my story above on May 20th. Since that time I have continued to read the various comments as well as personal emails coming from all of the protective mothers who have fallen victim to the injustices rendered through our family court system. I am truly devastated and saddened but it is clear that I am not alone.

As I said previously, we cannot allow the hard work, dedication and effort given by Mr. Snow to be forgotten or done in vain. And the only way that will occur is if we stand by and allow this atrocity to continue devastating our families and torturing or killing our children.

I created a tool just a few hours ago using social media networking which, if utilized, can begin the process of creating ONE VOICE. Our power and strength will come from the elevated numbers of those victims who are willing to take a stand. The goal of this tool is to forge a state to state collaborative effort that will begin to put an end to the corruption, if not for our families then for the thousands of families to come.

As you can see this social and often times criminal injustice is going on all over the country, and we need to hear from you! Please go to http://www.facebook.com/krineinpa and let's begin to help and support one another. For now, what is important to see is the state this is occuring in and a glimpse of your story. I will respond to each and every post. God bless you all and let us take a stand. Pass this along to everyone that you know today.

Kimberly | June 6, 2012 3:22 AM

Thank you for posting about what happen to us, I just wanted people to know that even though my ex confessed to what happen because CCMC which is part of Hartford hospital and DCF never turn over the second MRI to the criminal court ....he got away with breaking my son skull.... 11 broken bones on a six week old baby and if you read the probate study by DCF you would think the father is the victim.......
In 2004 Judge Carman Lopez rules that a DCF caseworker deliberately distorted the facts of the case in order to persuade a court to remove a child. Judge Lopez says the worker sought to “manipulate the facts” and mislead the court” during a hearing where neither the parent nor the parent’s attorney was present to tell the other side of the story. Judge Lopez urges DCF to explain to the caseworker the penalties for perjury. DCF spokesman Gary Kieblatt said the worker was not disciplined because, at the time, DCF had no policy requiring affidavits” to disclose all the relevant facts including those that support the parents’ position” But that would be policy in the future. The sad fact is they went after this Judge and things only got worst.

Paul | June 12, 2012 1:15 AM

Great write up. How did you miss Steven Dembo Esq. or Kelly Babbitt Esq. or Judge John R. Caruso??

Real issue is money. The system just goes after money, the judges help dish it out to their friends.

By the way, Holly Abery-Wetstone appointed Dr. Sindney Horowitz in my case, I found him to be a quack, he recently recused himself....nice article, I think it helped...good job.

I have seen Munro in action....she is a nut. Holly is no better. The people of Connecticut are sheep to let this go on.


Elizabeth Cook | June 25, 2012 4:13 PM

This author deserves a medal.Similar story- but from Canada. Never thought to see truths come out like this.So many names in the text that I know. And these are only ones who are in a position to be more open. There are thousands of us who are unable to "speak". If the non abusive protective parent cannot have truth be heard- the children are totally imprisoned in a cage of denial. The effects of condoning these crimes , are lifelong.
Thank you.Forever.

Let'sGetHonest | August 29, 2012 9:16 PM

I am one of those mothers who lost her children overnight after getting free from domestic violence, and have pretty much gone through the wringer. I blog above (shorter, but has excellent set of organized links) and also at http://familycourtmatters.wordpress.com as well as have also been active on a large forum in PA area since ca. fall 2011. I have attended one (only) battered mothers' custody conference, and will not be attending another, due to the inappropriate coverup and omission of the role of (1) the AFCC, CRC, CPR, NACC (look it up) etc. and (2) the failure to expose the motivation and role of Welfare Reform (starting with 1996, "TANF" block grants to states) which freed up streams of funding for "Access Visitation" AND the right at a state level to divert funding from custodial MOTHERS who need this (often because they left abuse) to NONcustodial FATHERS, who often don't, and (3) failure to acknowledge or address that Domestic Violence ("DV") is an industry now, funded from both HHS and the DOJ.
Moreover, I also know better now, what leadership ON THE MOM'S SIDE (supposedly) KNOWS -- BUT FOR PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL REASONS -- WILL NOT PUBLICIZE, from top to bottom -- on where the money comes from, and goes to.

For example, the silence on the role of Child Support (TItle IV-D) in not only being used against mothers, but also used to extort fathers into fatherhood programming they might not otherwise even bother with.

I found these things out initially after all the other types of reporting, protesting, "exposure" etc. failed to make any difference in my or my children's safety -- and after Liz Richards and her NAFCJ.net site gave me a kick in the butt to look at the money trail.

Women need to do their own scouting -- and they need to apply just as much scrutiny to people on their side (allegedly) as not on their side. ... I recommend that all of us may get a lot farther if we focus on the economic angle (while understanding fully what horrible abuse IS going on) in communicating with each other AND with the authorities who may be able to change it.

John DeCamp of The Franklin Coverup (check it out) later wrote that despite its horrors, he'd "missed it." What he'd missed is that the trafficking of children is about MONEY LAUNDERING. It's also tied to trafficking of drugs. if a Nebraska Senator who dedicated this much of his life and commitment and had to learn of the level of horrors of a Paul Bonacci, and could come to this conclusion, I think that we should start to understand it also.

A woman contacted me a while back and wanted to know something, I looked up her judge, and that judge had been involved in the Franklin Coverup. The mother (who had no contact with her children) I believe has fled the country and not the first one to do so (see also above).

I have a limited support network of some mothers, and am not out of the woods myself. We cannot afford to be overwhelmed with information and others' stories . . . . I am pretty familiar with this one up to a point, but the MAJOR piece of information I got out of it was that Connecticut has formed a type of "high-conflict" court (so have other states). Cases are steered there to gain subject matter jurisdiction and from then on, the game's on.

Contact me if you're curious, but I recommend starting from the TOP (source of the money) down -- which is US Federal government and its alliances with corporate wealth (whether through a foundation or a corporation (they go together). . . . And then start historically from the start of AFCC and the FAMILY COURTS per se (Conciliation Law) forwards, which is to say, basically Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Denver as some key states.

I cannot stand to say more today, but we need to have diagrams of the system and clear outlines of it -- which can basically show the strategy, and then stop the next line of it.


I forgot to mention (re: The Franklin Coverup, which got some kids from Boys Town Nebraska, others from a foster family, and some were simply kidnapped) -- the purpose was to compromise high-level politicians with their vices (usually running to sex with children, male or female) -- and use photography to blackmail them when favorable legislation was needed. This is no system to the approach and say, "Please help us, have a heart!" The courts are not there to help dispense justice -- they are there to distribute various income streams and to control the upstart population. The only appropriate response does not include "assume the position" but to locate the source of this power, which is to say, wealth -- and find out what they care most about -- and deal with them as they deal with us. it's about power -- it's not about morality and it's not about justice.
_ _ _ _ _
Thanks to Mr. Harmon for all this work, and for (unlike many) actually mentioning AFCC several times.

From the TOP DOWN (money) and from the BACK FORWARD (history) will tell a lot. You have to get the larger scheme (accurately) and then place the various systems within it overall.
see also smartmarriages.com and figure out their connection to HHS-funded nonprofit courts - and THE courts (and welfare funds). This WDC for-profit LLC (Diane Sollee) played a central role in its conferences for a decade. Who else knows about that? Mo Hannah, PhD of BMCC knows about this, I'll bet. EVERY mother in a custody challenge should know.

Dora | September 15, 2012 2:35 AM

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Eugene Havenga | September 20, 2012 4:13 AM

The whole world should be aware of this and combine in the prevention of these atrocities.

Sherisha LaShelle Lewis | October 23, 2012 5:36 PM

This is great journalism and reporting. Please continue to keep this subject matter in the citizens face so we can get better laws passed to stop abusers getting full legal unsupervised custody of children. Another issue is the already in place Federal and State Laws to protect children from sexual, mental, and physical abuse which sometimes leads to the murder of these children are not being enforced. The truth of the matter that the Judicial system is failing mothers and children and some families will not stop until justice is served and their child is safe one way or another. Russell County Alabama Judge George Roy Greene awards sole legal full custody of one year old boys to transgendered, domestic violence, child molesters and he still gets to sit on the bench and do it to other innocent victims. Also the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals agrees with child molestation, maternal deprivation, and parental ailienation yes, its happening right now to me and my son Yehoshua Mikael Lewis who is currently missing but legally as I have not had any contact with him in a year because I was Pro Se and have no Alabama State Bar Attorney who will touch this fraud corrupt case without fear of being not part of the club.

Meg E. | November 16, 2012 1:12 PM

Dear Mr. Snow,

I am in the state of Tennessee and this is EXACTLY what I have been going through for more than three years. I am now in my 20th month of trying to regain custody of my three sons after they were unlawfully removed (the order to remove them from my custody lacked jurisdiction).

I wept many times while reading through this article because I have been subjected to disturbingly similar tactics by family and juvenile court judges, my ex-husband's attorney, GALs, DCS/CPS, CASA, and DCS- or court-appointed psychologists.

When is this going to end???

Please contact me and I will be happy to share my story with you.

Meg E.

Jennifer | November 17, 2012 3:19 PM

Thank you, Mr. Snow, for taking the time...

I have gone through the same thing in the state of FLORIDA (Alachua County).

The legal battle has been going on for over 10 years. I lost custody of my son almost 6 years ago for no reason, and then it got worse.

I am still fighting, and my son WILL be with me soon--I will not stop until he is. It is where HE wants to be...

I too will be happy to share any info if you'd like to contact me.

Jan K. | November 17, 2012 6:39 PM

I went through similar horrors in Chautauqua County, York family court. Family Court judge Judith Claire's campaign was financed and managed by the local Fathers Rights group. Many of their board members had criminal records involving domestic violence. My daughter was in the control of her abusive custodial father for 11 years till she simply refused to go back. CPS tried "mismanage" their investigation into her father, but in this case, the evidence of neglect (mold on the walls, animal hoarding, feces on the floors) was so overwhelming, they had trouble covering it up. Though they certainly bend over backwards trying to protect him. Also, consist problems regarding favoritism with Judge Willard Cass, also of Chautauqua County. I have moved out, but any mother I know has hit a brick wall of corruption and cronyism in that county if they go to family court.

Marina G. | November 23, 2012 5:14 PM

It is the first time I find the truth about the Family Courts here in America. Thank you.
I am from the former Soviet Union who was married to an American. He had 3 suicidal attempts in the past, used pain killers right before the divorce. He tried to hit me with his car, assaulted our 2 year old daughter in 2002, etc.
I was trained as a medical doctor, but never was able to regain my license here - every time i would start talking about it, he would say to me: "And how are you going to pay for it?" (exams and books are expensive). I stayed at home with the 2 wonderful children for 8 years (and enjoyed it). But all of a sudden I am unfit mother!
3 years after divorce he continues to portray me in Hartford Court as the mother with the history of "erratic behavior" (no one asks for evidence), put me through psychological evaluation that went well, but made him mad. Needless to say, his parents are very wealthy. Now I see the children less than 1/2 of the time, but last fall I had them only "visit" me with supervision. And I leave in the house there were born.
How can we win? My children are so unhappy!
It is worth here than in Russia. When I was coming here I believed in Justice, not anymore.

joshua | January 4, 2013 12:52 PM

hello,i had a wife that was about to be sentenced to 4 years for stealing which was a crime she never committed,because she was framed up.the court was to give the final ruling on the 7day of hearing.i was about not to set my eyes again to see my wife.His dad saw testimonies on people testifying about Doctor Jefferson on the net and his email address was doctorjeffersontemple@gmail.com that he has been helping people to reverse prison sentences and he is capable of changing the heart of a judge.We contacted him for help and we waited patiently for his works to perfect.and it came to reality.My wife was pronounced by the judge not guilty.well i really appreciate his effort towards my family.

Kimberly | January 10, 2013 12:34 PM

This investigation has partially exposed the rampant corruption in the U.S. It is no mistake that these women have been through this horror. It is simply "The System." It was so odd and illegal in my case that people asked if my ex-husband was a CIA informant?

I wrote a book on the corruption in our case THE PROJECT PART I: THE CIA INFORMANT "Q" on Kindle and Kobo http://www.amazon.com/The-Project-Part-Informant-ebook/dp/B00ATCCKS4. I am in process of another book, Part II, that leads up to the moments before we fled the U.S. in 2010. Part II outlines The System. This is being called "The Fall of the American People" by other countries now aware of the corruption.

I chatted with another mother from MN who said you (the investigator/writer here) were being threatened. I've had attempts on my life since I left the country. Criminals and government are involved.

I'll never, ever back down.

Anonymous | February 8, 2013 12:16 AM


The corrupt family court system makes millions of dollars for professionals who conspire to destroy families for financial gain.

Custody evaluators cook up claims of either mental illness or parental aliention syndrome to justify taking kids from stay at home mothers to give to rich fathers, which in turn incentivizes other rich dads to buy into the custody business.
Attorneys raise the conflict to make sure the rich dads keep the revenue stream coming and GALs sit around on billng bonanzas. In a market which is otherwise bleak for attorneys and PhDs, the divorce business booms.

I have not lost my child yet, but after going through a custody battle for 2 years already I see how corrupt it is.

Our GOD will beat their GOD$ in Federal Court.... if we have the guts to get together and take a united stand. Corrupt systems always fall eventually.

From Australia | February 27, 2013 2:13 AM

I am horrified by the stories I read about the Family Courts of USA every one who seems to work there are appalling.Who will protect the Mothers and children if the Judges refuse to do their job. I really am starting to believe the only thing that women who want to be Mothers should do is buy sperm on line. That way there will be no Father to drag them through Family Court and take custody away from them, do not live with any men as even Stepfathers have rights in family courts. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY MOTHERS AND CHILDREN WILL BE SAFE. The family unit of Father, Mother,2.2 children,dog,cat and bird will be no more. that is the way of the future to protect our most precious people our CHILDREN.Good Luck all you Mothers I will pray for you all and your babies.

Ellen Johndrow | April 8, 2013 8:04 AM

I was involved for 14 years in custody proceedings initiated by my ex. During that time, I was assaulted physically, verbally and sexually and then villified for trying to protect my children. The CT courts not only failed to protect me and my childrren, but helped my ex get away with it. I and had contact with Judge Herbert Barrall, whose son represented my ex in a private meeting with him (which was unethical). I was also involved with Dr. David Mantell, Dr. Robson, judge Munro, and Attorney Frank Santy. The only reason I am alive today is because my former husband had a fatal heart attck before he could kill me, which he planned to do in a heinous way. I am now free to speak out. Please feel free to contact me at ellen.johndrow@yahoo.com.

Ellen Johndrow | April 8, 2013 8:05 AM

I was involved for 14 years in custody proceedings initiated by my ex. During that time, I was assaulted physically, verbally and sexually and then villified for trying to protect my children. The CT courts not only failed to protect me and my childrren, but helped my ex get away with it. I and had contact with Judge Herbert Barrall, whose son represented my ex in a private meeting with him (which was unethical). I was also involved with Dr. David Mantell, Dr. Robson, judge Munro, and Attorney Frank Santy. The only reason I am alive today is because my former husband had a fatal heart attck before he could kill me, which he planned to do in a heinous way. I am now free to speak out. Please feel free to contact me at ellen.johndrow@yahoo.com.

Kendra | April 22, 2013 9:40 PM

Attorneys with a strategy which involves inflicting emotional and financial pain on mothers to make them "erratic, unstable and unpredictable" should be reported to the Grievance Committee so that they are disbarred for a violation of Rule 8.4 (4) for conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice. The precedence their strategy sets is that a man is encouraged to abuse the mother of his children so that the attorneys can keep their revenue stream going despite the impact this has on mothers and resultantly on their children. Grievance forms can be found here:
Steven Dembo's juris number is 403319. Kelly Babbitt's is 418715. If we all sign each others Grievances, we will make a stronger case for their disbarrment/ suspension and/or sanction. As for custody evaluators, you can find a sample complaint here: http://www.deltabravo.net/cms/plugins/content/content.php?content.149.

Samantha | April 24, 2013 3:56 PM

This documentation is so much like my own. My children's father was actually formally charged and plead guilty to child sex crime after he began to do it to other people's kids. My children were taken out of his home at last after this by three sheriffs. He is now a registered child sex offender. Yet, still the judicial system continues to prove itself corrupt. Insurmountable trauma has been caused my entire family. The system continues to assist the child molester and his wife who served as his 'accomplice' for years by covering for him and pointing fingers elsewhere slandering and harming other's lives. They brought on a guardian ad litem, whom I never agreed to, and whom was never court ordered. This GAL behaves in the same ways that the GAL's in the document above did, continues to work for pedophiles, and harasses me incessantly in a way that seems like gang stalking, since she goes everywhere that I go slandering me, and demanding people to report to her every time they have any communication of any kind with me. She threatened me in March 2012 that if I didn't agree to give away my oldest daughter to live with the extremely abusive and pedophile family a CHINS would be filed in Juvenile Court taking her and she would file dependency orders to take my younger two children next. She recently threatened that she is going to sue me for money once the court finally closes the case.
My oldest daughter was taken from her bus stop in front of our home by the pedophile's wife(As she was supposed to be getting on it for school.) as well as our home robbed. After this a CHINS was submitted to a judge, and signed in secret without any investigation, legalizing felony class A kidnapping of my oldest child. A CHINS order's purpose is to help a family. However, this order does the exact opposite of what it is intended to be used for, and has only served to legalize crimes, and harm my child, my family and myself immensely. It has been 109 days since my child was taken from our home bus stop on the way to school, and since any relationship or communication with her has been allowed me or my family by her taker. I fear every day that one of my other kids will be taken next, or that the GAL will make good on her other threat. The courts in my county have been used to perpetuate crime, assisting abusers in continuation of abuse, as well as making itself accessory to felony crimes. My family continues to endure ongoing forced litigation with abusers which officially began in 2003, making this the 10th year of court ordered abuse. Our lives have been ruined by this, my children and myself have suffered tremendously,and there is no end in site. A Life Sentence was a good title for this article, as this is exactly what it appears to be.

KATHLEEN JACKSON | April 26, 2013 12:21 AM


Kendra | April 26, 2013 7:15 PM

Below please find a sample COMPLAINT for a class action lawsuit. You can fill in the SUMMONS here: http://www.jud.ct.gov/webforms/forms/cv001.pdf. Once some Mothers Without Children put up their names and sign the verification for the Plaintiff slot, it will be filed at 95 Washington Street in Hartford and served via a State Marshall on defendants. Make amendments as appropriate as credibility is key.

-------------------------------------------------------------x VERIFIED COMPLAINT
Plaintiff, Index No.:

Dr. Howard Krieger; Dr. Kenneth Robson,
Dr. Sidney Horowitz; Atty. Steven Dembo;
Atty. Noah Eisenhandler, Jane Does 1-IV and
John Does I-IV.
The Plaintiffs complaining of the Dr. Howard Krieger; Dr. Kenneth Robson; Dr. Sidney Horowitz; Atty. Steven Dembo; Atty. Noah Eisenhandler; Jane Does 1-IV and John Does I-IV (hereinafter “Defendants”), sets forth and alleges upon information and belief as follows:
1. That at all times hereinafter mentioned Plaintiffs are normal, healthy parents who have endured abnormal and unfathomable circumstances in child custody proceedings.
2. That at all times hereinafter mentioned Defendants intentionally inflicted emotional suffering on Plaintiffs and defamed Plaintiffs for the benefit of increasing conflict in child custody disputes for financial gain and/or job security.

3. Plaintiff repeats, reiterates and re-alleges the allegations listed in paragraphs “1” through “2” as though more fully alleged herein.
4. That at all relevant times prior to April 26, 2013, Defendants emotionally abused Plaintiffs via heinous conduct beyond the standards of civilized decency.
5. That at all relevant times prior to April 26, 2013, Defendants advocated and endorsed the use of domestic abuse and domestic discipline in child custody proceedings.
6. That at all relevant times prior to April 26, 2013, Defendants aided and abetted fathers in feigning allegations to place Plaintiffs under supervised visitation and/or otherwise reducing their access to children, alleging “mental illness”, “emotional abuse” or “parental alienation”.
7. That at all times relevant times prior to April 26, 2013 Defendants slandered, abused, ridiculed, harassed, ignored, humiliated, threatened, attacked and/or financially devastated Plaintiffs.
8. That at all relevant times prior to April 26, 2013 Defendants blatantly disregarded the rules, manipulated information, falsified evidence, harassed and bullied Plaintiffs.
9. That at all times relevant times prior to April 26, 2013 Defendants financial, emotional and legal abuse of Plaintiffs was intentional, deliberate and/or reckless.
10. That at all relevant times prior to April 26, 2013 Defendants used the fruits of their abuse to claim that Plaintiffs were “erratic, unstable and unpredictable”.
11. That at all relevant times prior to April 26, 2013 Defendants endorsed the wealthier parent as primary parents to keep their revenue steam coming via fathers contesting custody of children against stay at home mothers.
12. That at all relevant times prior to April 26, 2013, Plaintiffs sustained severe emotional damages and loss of physical or legal custody of their children in monetary amounts in excess of all of the jurisdictional limits of the lower courts.

13. Plaintiff repeats reiterates and re-alleges the allegations contained in paragraphs “1” though “12” as though more fully set forth herein.
14. That at all times relevant times prior to April 26, 2013 Defendants increased conflict in custody disputes for the benefit of their professional fees, job security and/or revenue stream.
15. That at all relevant times prior to April 26, 2013 Defendants were unjustly enriched by receiving professional fees, income or expenses on account of their improper conduct.
16. That prior to April 26, 2013, Defendants Dr. Howard Krieger and Dr. Sidney Horowitz were sanctioned for committing insurance fraud against Aetna Insurance.
17. Plaintiffs seek restitution of attorney fees and expert fees incurred as a result of defendants’ unjust enrichment, which is in excess of all of the jurisdictional limits of the lower courts.

18. Plaintiff repeats reiterates and re-alleges the allegations contained in paragraphs “1” though “17” as though more fully set forth herein.
19. That at all times relevant times prior to April 26, 2013 Defendants published false statements about Plaintiffs.
20. That at all times relevant times prior to April 26, 2013 Defendants’ false statements lowered the characters of Plaintiffs in the eyes of others.
21. That at all relevant time prior to April 26, 2013 Defendants slandered, abused, ridiculed, harassed, ignored, humiliated, threatened, attacked and/or financially devastated Plaintiffs in an attempt to substantiate their false statements.
22. That Defendants intentionally inflicted emotional harm on Plaintiffs by facing them with an abusive ex-husband, fear of their children being harmed or removed and a bombardment of medico-legal allegations to substantiate their allegations of “erratic, unstable and unpredictable” behaviors.
23. That Plaintiffs’ were damaged by Defendants’ false statements and intentional infliction of emotional suffering in amounts in excess of the jurisdictional limits of the lower courts.

24. Plaintiffs repeat reiterate and re-allege the allegations contained in paragraphs “1” though “23” as though more fully set forth herein.
25. That Plaintiffs have been discriminated against on account of being stay at home mothers prior to the commencement of litigation. Defendants sided with the parent who had the most money for the benefit of their own revenue stream at the expense of children.
26. That Plaintiffs sustained damages in excess of the jurisdictional limits of the lower courts on account of this unlawful socio-economic discrimination.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs respectfully request that this Court enter an award:
(a) Enjoining and permanently restraining Defendants from intentionally inflicting emotional suffering, discriminating against and defaming the characters of Plaintiffs;
(b) Awarding Plaintiffs’ damages for pain and suffering and economic loss in excess of twenty (20) million dollars;
(c) Awarding Plaintiffs’ attorney fees and expert fees involved in pressing this action;
(d) Granting such other and further relief as this Court deems just , proper and equitable.

Yours etc



) ss.:
being duly sworn, deposes and says: We are the plaintiffs in the within action; We have read the foregoing complaint and know the contents thereof; the same is true to my knowledge, except as to the matters stated therein to be alleged on information and belief, and as to those matters we believe them to be true.


Sworn to before me on this
day of April 2013

Notary Public, State of Connecticut


Rachelle Smith | June 26, 2013 11:37 PM

This is superb. I love reading this kind of article. It will let you open your mind to realities that some of us haven't seen yet. Maybe you could check this Wichita Family Lawyer . This may give you alot of information too. Thank you

StevenW | June 27, 2013 11:52 PM

This is not really good. They should do their job and protect the Mothers and Children. They really should because they actually could. They should hope this wont happen to them, they better hope. In cases like this you may also check http://www.familylawkansas.com for more legal information.

Elizabeth | September 19, 2013 1:24 PM

This is happening to me right now in the Hartford family court system. If the names Freedman, Heibel and Ferraro mean anything to you, please contact me. Not only do I want my daughter safe, but I want to stop this team from continuing this horrific practice.


Anony Mous | September 26, 2013 11:21 PM

Hi. I understand that there are many women who have been wronged by a corrupt system. And I guess I consider myself to be one of the "good men who are also being destroyed by judicial abuse in Family Courts, though the percentages are far fewer". However, I wish the article did not portray it as a movement by men to destroy women. Do you know how easy it is for a woman to get a man arrested in CT? I've called the police a number of times to complain that my ex-wife started a fight with me at an exchange but they refuse to get involved. But my ex-wife calls them after she starts a fight and they are at my door within a half hour. VAWA is being abused by underhanded women to hurt men as much as it is being used to protect women. I strongly agree that the women described in this story have been abused by a corrupt system as I have been but I wish it wasn't portrayed as a cabal by men to destroy women's lives. As a work at home father, for 7 years I was the one involved in the PTO and dance and other activities. At a dance class one time, I offered a working mother with limited time to cook dinner, who complained she hated the chemical taste of jarred pasta sauce, a quick and easy homemade pasta sauce recipe. Everyone (all females) in the waiting room looked at me as if I had two heads. After a long, awkward pause, another mother confirmed that my recipe works. Why is it that a man is expected to treat women colleague as an equal but when a man seeks to be an equal to a stay at home mother, he is considered an anomaly? I stand behind you fully in reforming the corrupt CT court system and abusive GAL's and mental health professionals BUT please do NOT portray it as a concerted effort by men to destroy women. You risk losing a segment of the population who too is being abused.
BTW, I am a man and Hiebel, Pines, Humphrey and Bozek all came after me after I tried to expose what I felt was harmful behavior on the part of my ex-wife. So these players really just care about getting paid, not merely going after women. Money seems more the motivator than one gender's superiority over the other. Thank you for listening to me.

Anonymous | October 16, 2013 11:46 AM

I am a father that is a victim of the unjust family court system of Connecticut. My son has been torn away from me and placed with his abusive mother on the recommendation of Dr Horowitz and his team of overly paid players. He has stamped the case with his signature PAS diagnosis which could not be further than the truth and the GAL, corrupt CT court system and network of good old boys have worked together to make it happen. My child is at serious risk and imminent danger and there is not one thing that can be done to save them. I feel as though I have been shouting from the rooftops for two years about this and noone will listen. The system has my hands tied and all I can do is watch from afar as my childs life is washed down the drain as they convince him that his truth is not the truth at all and the true perpetrator of this crime of child abuse is awarded with custody. There is an awful gender bias that takes place. The mother of my children has her behavior excused because of her gender. Gender bias happens both ways. Thank you for exposing the truth. I hope Horowitz is investigated and this all comes to a screeching halt. Until then, the state of CT has blood on their hands with the young lives being tortured in the meantime.

keith harmon snow | October 21, 2013 4:19 PM

Anonymous dad -- send me an email at keith.harmon.snow@gmail.com

thank you

Elizabeth | October 23, 2013 11:19 AM

Dear Anonymous dad(s),

I believe you. I know that for this particular group of rats, it is really more about getting paid and the connections than it is about gender. They are immoral and despicable and can be bought by either side. The problem is, the 'men's right's/fathers' initiative' attorneys in CT have figured out who they are and use them so often, you just hear more from the moms going through this. I am sure there are cases out there where they are lying for their female clients as well.

Either way, they are lying and children are suffering. Sadly, I count days the days until my daughter is 18 like a light at the end of her dark, dark tunnel.

Leslie | November 18, 2013 2:55 PM

Has anyone considered a class action suit against the county over their obviously broken court system? Looks like this attorney is up against the same thing in New York and doing something about it:

Gary Jacob's face book page says he's a "Activist against Parental Alienation and the biased NY court system" and a recent post says:

SUFFOLK COUNTY LITIGANTS. If you had Judge Marion McNulty in any of the Suffolk Courts and feel she was biased against you, please contact me. I am working on a class action lawsuit against Suffolk County.

Leslie | November 18, 2013 7:22 PM

The National Coalition Against Family Violence has a good short overview of the misuse of Parental Alienation Syndrome in abusive situations at http://www.ncadv.org/newsupdates/ParentalAlienationSyndromeMisusedtoDefeatValid_296.html and talks about a possible resource for some of the women posting herein:

The Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project (DV LEAP) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization which provides a stronger voice for justice by fighting to overturn unjust trial court outcomes, advancing legal protections for victims and their children through expert appellate advocacy, training lawyers, psychologists and judges on best practices, and spearheading domestic violence litigation in the Supreme Court. For more information, visit www.dvleap.org.

John | November 20, 2013 10:55 AM

What a pile of man-hating bull sht. Was this article funded by the National Organization of Women? The courts are known by just about everyone to be extremely anti-male. I noticed all your commenter's are women. "Single dads now account for 8 percent of American households with children, up from 6.3 percent in 2000". That is extreme biased against men. This is of course a part of the fraud to encourage women to take the fathers of their children and turn them into cash machines using their children as collateral under threat of prison. This allows courts to get their Title IVd and VAWA incentives that match on the dollar for state funds based on the amount of support awarded. They also get additional incentives for back support collected when fathers can't afford to pay. The last resort is cashing in on them in the prison fro profit system here in America that has 1 in 4 prisoners in the world here in America. Land of the imprisoned. Keep spreading your man bashing lies, feminazi's.

Carol | November 28, 2013 5:09 PM

I have a friend (male) who was victimized by the CT court system in the mid 90's. He was wrongly convicted of sexual abuse of a child based on Dr Krieger's testimony. Dr Krieger had not any contact whatsoever with the child. Based on the "expert witness" statements about a family he knew nothing about, an innocent man served 9 years in the penitentiary and will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

The actual situation was that my friend was dating a woman who was going through a contentious divorce. The woman had been awarded custody of the children and the father was given standard visitation. After my friend moved in with the woman, the father began making allegations that my friend sexually abused the children. Once those accusations are hurled, rationale, more times than not, goes out the window --- this situation was not properly investigated in an objective manner.

My question --- is there any remedy? Exoneration? Filing a grievance with the APA? What about a class action suit?

Kathryn foster-martin | January 12, 2014 10:26 AM

The nightmare our family has been living for 3 yrs. is only comforted slightly by the fact that we have not been psychologically and financiallt raped. The victim is my 3 yr old granddaughter. The abusers are drug addicts and traffickers. Their close drug dealing associate is the daughter of a local cop. The abuse to my granddaughter is known and ignored by DCF and police. The abuse to our family, as the article describes, is deliberate and aggressive. I cannot hire an attorney, and private investigators have told me that attempting to protect my granddaughter is a waste of my time and resources. Like all loving family, I cannot abamdon her. My petition is intended to expose the system of abusers. Please sign and share. I pray for strength and for the souls of the most innocent of victims, the children.

Cooper (WILLIAM C.) Murphey | August 2, 2014 8:46 PM


AesAeve economical

Katica | September 17, 2014 9:02 AM

I had a similar experience to many here. All I could do was get out and disappear with the kids.
This was before the Internet. Thank God I got out before too much damage.
I have begun to think that judges need to physically suffer, male or female.
Whoever wrote that book 'Screw The Bitch' needs to face what he has dished out.
Maybe a few judges have to die before this ends.
I will tell you, the judge in my case wound up on the State Supreme Court. I consider him much more evil than I consider even my children's father.
I find out that EVRERY thing they did to me is common across the country.
Women and children are nothing. Just like Saudi Arabia.

Dale Karin Trowbridge | January 21, 2015 1:40 PM

December 8, 1999 my 10 year old daughter was taken from me, the only parent she ever knew, based on false allegations in a petition filed by her biological father, a man intentionally absent from her life since infancy. Judge Thomas S. Eveland placed her in the custody of a man convicted of theft and forgery and a documented gambling addict. His sole motivation– to obtain her social security benefits that could only be sent where she lived. Without any hearing and/or investigation of the father the Judge gave him custody.

My daughter lived with him for four years of horrific emotional, mental and physical abuse eventually substantiated by the Family Independence Agency (FIA). Even so, the Judge and FOC of Eaton County, Michigan insisted that my daughter was lying. She begged for help from the FOC, only to have the FOC share the details with her abuser. For four years she was confined to her bedroom; school was her only escape as I was denied visitation and phone contact. I filed endless parenting time violation complaints and fought to regain custody, but Judge Eveland did nothing except to sign an arrest warrant against me, when I refused to return my daughter to her abuser.

I was arrested for parental kidnapping the Judge imposed a $250,000 cash surety bond and refused to lower it. I had never committed a crime in my life. The State Police were our heroes. They intervened and refused to return my daughter to her abusive father as ordered by Judge Eveland. Instead they went to a neighboring county’s Judge and had her placed in the custody of my oldest daughter (since I was in jail). All parental kidnapping charges were eventually dismissed and my finger prints and mug shot destroyed. In May 2004 with the help of the State Police and FIA my daughter was finally safely back home.

That was not the end. Perhaps my persistence, appeals and grievances angered Judge Eveland. In 2007, Judge Eveland ordered a 16 year retroactive child support modification so that the $60,000 child support arrearages I was owed were eliminated and I was ordered to pay the father $17,000 for his overpayment of support. There was no legal basis or facts to support the order.

Those years cost me over $300,000. I lost my home and was forced to file bankruptcy. However, the financial losses do not compare to the heartbreaking injustice my daughter, our family and I endured. I assure you there is nothing worse than being unable to protect your own child.

During this nightmare, Judge Eveland regularly disregarded laws and facts. Nonetheless, every appeal was found to have “lack of merit”. When I filed grievances against the Judge, I was told, “no wrong doing on the part of the Judge.” Judicial immunity means no consequences to ensure the judiciary follows our laws even in instances of gross or intentional malfeasance or misfeasance. Judges act as if they are above the law because they know that no one will hold them accountable for their lawless decisions or the harm they cause.

All of my attempts to expose the abuse have fallen onto deaf ears. Political representatives, news agencies, all media have completely ignored my words and evidence. More recently I emailed all with the title “save the innocent children” stating “if you chose to ignore my plea for help you are aiding and abetting in the abuse of children”. I was ignored.

mercedes frederick | July 28, 2015 9:47 PM

I am a mother desperately grasping at straws to fight for my parental rights.

My 3 Children Were Repatriated Unlawfully In August, 2014, and I am praying to see justice and truth prevail in my case so I can have my kids back in my life again.

I await to see the day that the corrupt law enforcement agents involved in the heinous criminal acts against my family can be exposed so that they'll never have the chance to do what they have done to me and my family ever again to anyone. No family should have to go through the deep profound suffering that my kids and I have been made to suffer, ever...

My name is Ms. Mercedes Frederick. On April 14, 2014 my children were kidnapped by Rosarito Beach municipal law enforcement agents who worked with my children's babysitter to get them. I have a video that I took with my cellular phone of the last time that I saw them that captures the entire incident and also incriminates the officer involved in the abduction. Along with that, I also have Facebook messages from the babysitter, who confesses what she did, as proof that my babies were kidnapped by law enforcement agents in Rosarito. I also have the discovery file from my court hearing from the Chula Vista Family Court room, where I had my reunification services terminated, and everything in the file is manufactured... None of the accusations and statements made to make me look like a second class citizen and a poor excuse for a mother can be backed with any hard evidence, but I have many documentation and hard evidence to disprove everything that was used in court to deprive me of my parental rights.

After my kids were kidnapped, I contacted a number of both Mexican and American authorities to aid me in my desperation to locate my children. One of these being the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana, where I spoke with a gentleman, by the name of Michael Lurie, whom I begged to go to the DIF and find out where the agency was hiding my kids. I asked Mr. Lurie to go and see them with his own two eyes, because I had not received any hard copies of documents that show that my children were being held in a county or state detention facility, and, for all I knew, it was possible they were being trafficked, or sold on the black market, or worse... It is a mother's worst nightmare, and it was happening to me and my three toddlers!

Michael Lurie had my email and telephone number. If any information came up pertaining to the welfare and whereabouts of my children, the U.S. Consulate had my contact informationt. Yet, 8 months later, I find out that the U.S. Consulate repatriated my children to the U.S. on August 18, 2014. My missing children were given to the Child Welfare Services organization, who claimed that the "mother's whereabouts" were "unknown." My kids were in a foster home in the U.S. for 2 months and I, the mother, was never informed about it. I was still in Baja California Mexico desperately searching for my children.

In October or November of 2014, I was finally contacted by a gentleman who goes by the name of Jose Cintron. He was the caseworker assigned to my children's case. By him, I was told that I no longer had legal guardianship over my children, and, to top it off, I was being charged with neglect and abandonment. I attended a court hearing in March, where I brought all of my proof and evidence to show the judge that my kids were victims of crime and kidnap. None of these things were shown in court. I had a written statement that was also never acknowledged in the courtroom, and then the judge told me that my reunification services were terminated. The judge said, if I disagreed with this ruling I could take it to a higher court.

At this point I have used up any resources I had in fighting to reunite with my children. I have lost everything, along with my dignity, in the process... I am a desperate mother grasping at straws to not lose my parental rights. I find it very disturbing just how unjust this whole process is, and how unwilling the system is to assist in pro-family policies.

My children and I are victims of a kidnapping by men with badges in a foreign country. I am hoping that perhaps you might look into the case file pertaining to the repatriation of my kids, and, if at all possible, you may be kind enough to allow me a copy of this... I just want to know what happened to my kids. All I want is to have them back.

In my desperation, I went to the local channel 54 news station in Rosarito. The news station had a segment where they actually aired the video I have of the last time I saw my children. This video was also on my YouTube channel, but the same day it aired on public television and got over 300 views, it was red flagged and removed...

I always believed that if I followed the rules and obeyed the law that justice would prevail, but now my faith in this system is diminishing. If there was anything that I could do in my life to change the way this process is being handled when it comes to the repatriation of children, and families who are victims of crime, and also when it comes down to the reunification of children with their parents, then I would be devoted to doing it.

Can you please help me? My children's names are Scarlet Rose Frederick, age 7, Sarah Lynn Frederick, age 4, and Toby Allen Frederick, age 2. Please help me get them back. My kids are my life and I haven't seen them in a year. I just want my life back...

PLEASE, Help Me Fight Against The Unlawful Repatriation Of My Children And The Termination Of My Reunification Services And My Parental Rights.

Thank you for your time.

Ms. Mercedes Frederick

AmyStarr | May 24, 2016 10:19 PM

I have been going through a case for over 3 years.My case started because of substance abuse so I did every program and every assessment and parenting classes.My half sister and her husband hired an attorney and pursued custody.They have removed them 3 times this time for an old protective order the judge set even though neithor me nor their father have any domestic violence history and we both are cooperating and passing drug screens.They have even ordered me hair follicle drug screens.Anyway their dad went to rehab because intervention paid for it they portrayed his story poorly and fausley.Now District court gave them permanent custody.We are appealing the decision in a higher court .Im pregnant again and not fair to my girls.Even the counselor testified to breaking our bond would be detrimental to the kids.The CASA volunteer has lied since day one.She has stalked my work home and brings my daughter gifts to try to get what she wants.This is sad that we are fighting in this courtly battle when we have no history of abuse.We are both loving parents.Any advice on my appeal?

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