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This gets personal.

28 September 2017 

keith harmon snow

                                              It was with great concern and disbelief that I read the statement on Guy McPherson posted by the editors of Wrong Kind of Green and signed by those editors and by Derrick Jensen and several other people. It seems this all went down in late August, but I wasn't aware of it at all. 

McPherson Skulls Image-2.jpg

I am one of the people on this earth who believes that we have crossed the threshold, and climate chaos is going to increase exponentially, and without any real understanding of what may happen, based on nonlinear behavior and nonlinear 'threshold' effects in environmental systems. (E.g.: Geochemist Wallace Broecker commenting on polar ice-core and ocean-sediment data in 1987: "What these records indicate is that Earth's climate does not respond to forcing in a smooth and gradual way. Rather, it responds in sharp jumps which involve large-scale reorganization of Earth's system. . . . We must consider the possibility that the main responses of the system to our provocation of the atmosphere will come in jumps whose timing and magnitude are unpredictable.")

Thus when I discovered the work of Professor Emeritus Guy McPherson (Nature Bat's Last blog) some years ago I did not need any convincing to agree with many (not all) of his ideas and much of his "science" on climate and, for example, impending methane releases, and the other factors of significance that are dismissed or ignored or hidden by our train wreck of mainstream culture.

I also attended a local talk in western Massachusetts on 3 December 2012 arranged so that we could meet and hear from Dr. McPherson directly, and I communicated with him once or twice immediately after that.

I have kept a keen eye on his work since then and, with a few exceptions, have always taken his information in and processed it as possible, likely, intelligent and conscious--though I am also aware that no one should have such hubris as to proclaim how and when all life will end (human extinction by September 2017 was his prediction)(at times I echoed that).

I continue to watch with alarm and sadness the climate catastrophe that we all (all species) face. I continue to believe that e.g. a huge methane release due to the rapidly melting permafrost could wipe all breathing life off the planet at any moment. I continue to hope that nature will take some other course, and--messed up and beautiful and horrible as it all is--life will go on for most people (not otherwise suffering and dying under the onslaught of western predatory capitalism or eastern predatory capitalism and our white power permanent warfare economies) for some years at least. And given all of this, I continue to encourage people to take action for social justice and to in some way make a better world. (A.k.a. my perspective on the appropriate psychological and political and emotional responses to the obvious 'data' and evidence of what is happening is not herein being addressed.)

It was with great concern and disbelief that I read the STATEMENT ON GUY MCPHERSON posted by the editors of Wrong Kind of Green and signed by those editors and by Derrick Jensen and several other people. It seems this all went down in late August, but I wasn't aware of it at all.  Deep Green Resistance also published a Statement on Guy McPherson.

After asking many questions, and personally looking into things, I have corroborated some of the claims about Dr. McPherson, and I am convinced that Dr. McPherson did indeed engage in the alleged unethical behavior and that this has involved many women, some of whom have been/are/were very vulnerable in general, and to a figure like GM in particular, and at least one of whom is in her mid-twenties.

Given the elder Dr. McPherson's position and stature and his accessibility to women (on the travel & lecture circuit), and given the respect and trust and confidence that people have put in him and his work, I feel this is far more serious than a question of someone's 'personal life' or 'dirty laundry' and must therefore speak up in support of the women who have been targeted and in support of the individuals who have made this all public (with no benefit to themselves, only anguish).

Dr. McPherson is now fundraising (crowd-funding) for a legal campaign that will obviously target those who have called him out on his behavior, which is alleged to be and appears to be very abusive, privileged and unethical.

I wrote to Dr. McPherson several times over the past days, the first time on 9 September, and again on 14 September. I was seeking any clarification or defense from him, and I had not received a reply until 14 September.  Following this reply we communicated back and forth until Dr. McPherson concluded the conversation on 15 September.

In an email to him on 14 September about his GoFundMe campaign I asked: "Why the photograph of skulls from a Holocaust or Rwandan genocide exhibit?" This photograph was totally inappropriate for his personal "anti-defamation" purposes. The skulls photograph was soon after removed and replaced. (Dr. McPherson responded after: "Photo is from a monastery in Greece.")

In fact, the first photograph that Dr. McPherson choose to use in his advertising and marketing of his GoFundMe (where he is sitting at table with other people) was replaced (by the skulls image) apparently after other people in the photo communicated something about it, probably that they did not want to be associated with his anti-defamation campaign. (I have not posted herein the first photo he used for his campaign, in the interest of protecting these people's privacy and preventing their unwilling participation in Dr. McPherson's unfolding drama.)

I have read some of the highly personal and confidential correspondences involving Dr. McPherson and a 24 year old woman that he (unethically) engaged with, and these include very misogynistic statements and show a general deep lack of respect for women. Dr. McPherson's comments in these communications have involved people I know personally, and it is/was ugly and demeaning and disappointing.  There are allegations and it appears true that he has also tried to lure women to his personal reserve of some kind in Belize (Stardust Sanctuary Farm), even sending funds (PayPal) to one young woman to get her to fly there, and this is the location where he has held workshops and retreats that people pay to attend. Thus there is also an allegation of possible fraudulent use of donations received through the Nature Bats Last web site.

Further, Dr. McPherson claims to be trained in therapeutic "Grief Recovery" based on his having taken a short 3 or 4 day course with the Grief Recovery Institute.  According to their own web site: "The in depth certification training gives you the language, tools, and materials you need to start helping people immediately.  In 4 days you will be a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with the format and guidelines to run Grief Recovery Method Support Groups."

Thus it seems Dr. McPherson has further exploited his position and power by engaging in "healing work" or the promise of "healing work" which--simultaneous to the relationships alleged to have occurred--would be unethical and actually causing harm to women (if not others) since he is allegedly using grooming techniques and other behaviors, many of which are known to perpetuate the (our) western rape culture.

I also understand that one of the young women that Dr. McPherson (unethically) engaged with has issued a public statement and apology for her part in the back and forth with Dr. McPherson, and that she is rather devastated by the experience.  In her letter of 23 August 2017 she wrote: "It is my hope that by coming forward I can prevent this from happening to anyone else. There are others. I ask you to please come forward in solidarity to sever his tentacles from our community. Whether you flew to Belize or the mud hut in Gila, or received fiat [sic] as gifts, from Nature Bats Last please come forward to help stop him from hurting others in the same position of vulnerability I was in."

In the recent correspondence with Dr. McPherson he has proclaimed that this young 24 year old woman is a perpetrator, and he is a victim, and that an apology is certainly called for, but "[I] doubt she will deliver."  He has presented himself with several victim stories--people are out to kill him, frame him, paint him as a pedophile--and claims that this young woman "taught [him] some serious kink."  He does not take any responsibility for his role in this.

Further, it seems that Dr. McPherson may be advancing a narrative that he was framed by the "deep state".  One of his loyalist supporters has written: "Guy fell into a very well laid trap, probably set by ASIO, the Australian Security Intelligence Service to discredit him and derail the planned Australian tour."

This is nonsense.  It is not paranoia, just nonsense, apparently based in an attempt to further manipulate this situation.

There are also questions and allegations about the role of Pauline Schneider, Dr. McPherson's current partner, in his alleged unethical relations with women.  In exchanges I have seen, Dr. McPherson explicitly references his partner's involvement in his sexual campaigns.  In one very angry iPhone message, Pauline Schneider wished lethal harm on this 24 year-old woman directly.  Another (older) woman who also became the subject of Dr. McPherson's sexual preoccupations was contacted by Pauline Schneider in a clear effort to excuse and dismiss Dr. McPherson's behavior(s).

My communications to Dr. McPherson were kind, and honest, and seeking understanding and the highest good. I pointed out the power dynamics between him and this young woman and stressed his responsibility as the elder father figure, and he continued to maintain she is/was a consenting adult.  I offered to support him in taking a path of contrition, and I encouraged full disclosure, public apology and forgiveness.

I wrote:

"A 24 year old woman is indeed a 'consenting adult' by factual definition, and you were born 15 days after me [February 1960].  This was a very loaded power dynamic: professor/student, older man/young woman, father/daughter, charismatic internationally recognized truth-teller/young woman in her formative years still finding her way in a hard world.  It's one thing for someone in your position to have a healthy relationship with a young woman like this, and quite another when the young woman is vulnerable, lost, reaching out for help to someone they consider a mentor.

I think you know this in your heart.

People appreciate honesty and full disclosure and recognition of one's human failings or fragility, and that may be a hard road to walk down, but I believe that it's much harder to walk down the road as a belligerent victim [as you do] who refuses to take any responsibility in the collapse of the unstable house that they themselves built."


In one of his last communications to me he angrily quibbled about the age of this young woman.  She was 24 when they began communications, and later turned 25.  In my communications I cited her as a 24 year-old.  Dr. McPherson insists she is/was 25 years-old.  Why the preoccupation with such minor detail(s)?  Is this one of the ways in which Dr. McPherson seeks to exonerate himself (e.g. citing the higher age as evidence of greater maturity)?

Dr. McPherson wrote: "You keep referring incorrectly to [name withheld]'s age, even though I corrected it for you.  And you believe the perpetrator is a victim.  You're clearly incapable of using logic.  Thus (sic) makes you a shitty student and a worse correspondent."

"People will forgive you if you ask forgiveness," I responded.  "People will not respond kindly if you seek to martyr yourself (more than you already have)."

In his final communication Dr. McPherson proclaimed: "I'd seek forgiveness had I erred.  I didn't.  I won't."

Dr. McPherson has shown no remorse and appears only hardened in his stance, and his actions past and present are a clear expression of unconscious patriarchal white male entitlement.  He appears determined to seek 'justice' through legal assault (a.k.a. using the court systems to perpetuate one's position and power and privilege, amounting to another form of violence: legal abuse).  Dr. McPherson is demonstrating a fight/flight response to this situation--a situation that appears to be of his own making.  There is a higher path, as I attempted to communicate.  One path involves the opportunity to grow; the path Dr. McPherson has chosen leads to a retraction and diminishing of the self.  One path is into clarity and light, the other into confusion and darkness.

McPherson Skulls Image.jpg

It occurs to me that perhaps the universe is speaking.  When Dr. McPherson began advertising his version of "the end of the world" by September 2017, perhaps this is it--the end of Dr. McPherson's world--though not the end he expected.  Perhaps there was a subconscious voice that told him his demise would occur around September 2017.  Perhaps karma has circled round to (we hope) end the cycle of abuse that Dr. McPherson has been perpetuating by having the universe itself raising public awareness of the privations in Dr. McPherson's world.  Who knows.

I have made this post in the same spirit of solidarity and truth and support that informed my decision, a few months ago, to publicly post about the sexual predation of Colin Garland, founder of Raven Adventures (in my local area).  I am continually reminded of the extreme sexual abuse and unconsciousness of other gurus, such as Bikram Choudhury, a guru of "hot yoga" and millionaire tycoon yogi and proven sexual predator and alleged rapist.

I struggled at first with the questions of 'right thing to do' in this instance as in the former one [Raven Adventures], and I do not in any way declare or believe that I have unseated the patriarchy in my own psyche, or that I do not have further work to do to understand the shadow side of being a man in our violent misogynist western civilization.  The journey to higher consciousness is not easy.  I consider it my responsibility to join those who have already spoken out.  I also understand why survivors of sexual assault and/or sexual predation wish to remain silent.

My heart goes out to all the people who feel some sense of betrayal, and especially to those women who have been personally affected.


A slightly less annotated version of the above statement was posted on my Facebook page on 14 September 2017.  Since that time I have confirmed that another woman (whom I know personally) was apparently the victim of Dr. Guy McPherson's faux promises and seductive deceptions.  Dr. McPherson allegedly convinced this woman that she was special and he was rapturously in love with her; apparently, once he got what he wanted he carelessly discarded her.

In emails  to Dr. McPherson on 14 September 2017 I asked the following question (amongst others) and received the subsequent reply:

KHS: "Have you engaged in multiple sexual relationships while also traveling for your lecture circuit?"

GM: "Not that my private life is any of your business, but I've not engaged in sex with anybody on tour.  I'm openly polyamorous.  Not that that's any of your business either."

KHS: "Yes, your personal relationship is none of my business, in so far as it remains personal and is not hurting anyone.  Hence my questions."

Written by: keith harmon snow

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