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A few Notes on Coups, Dictators, LIberation Struggles, and White Supremacy

17 November 2017

keith harmon snow

A coup d'etat in Zimbabwe has many people asking questions.  Mugabe supporters might do well to listen to the people of Zimbabwe.


An Ndebele peasant who survived the Gukurahundi shucks peanuts in the Matabelelands.
Photo c. 2000 keith harmon snow


Photo: The young Robert Mugabe and his wife (background); date and photographer unknown.

I have written a little about Zimbabwe, and my position is pretty much hated by people on both sides of the "I love Mugabe the Black Liberation Hero" versus "Mugabe the Typical African Dictator" debate. Though my writings are now from the past, they are not in the past: little has changed in Zimbabwe (and that is unremarkable).  My position is anti-white supremacist, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-revisionist, anti-Mugabe, and that means it is a position of solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe, and Africa, and everywhere.

My analysis goes deeper than most, looking at the Gukurahundi--genocide committed by ZANU-PF at Mugabe's instructions--and the extremely criminal Zimbabwean military "adventure" plundering Congo during the "second" Congo war (1998--2003-ish) and Mugabe's dealings in the dirty diamond trade, and these crimes are dismissed with the accusation I am a white guy who supports the typical white propaganda and hegemony on Zimbabawe (and Africa), and dismissed by people who have (1) never been to Zimbabwe (2) usually never been to Africa (3) never heard of the Gukurahundi (4) never heard of John Bredenkamp and (5) who take great pains to deny and dismiss the truth.


Photo:  A ZAPU-PF rally complete with rented crowds in Harare in June 2000.

C. 2000 keith harmon snow

What few people talk about or even know anything about are the white power brokers and international tycoon thieves like Rowland ("Tiny") Rowland and Billy Rautenbach and John Bredenkamp and the others who brought Mugabe to power during the "liberation struggle" and helped him consolidate power and neutralize Joshua Nkomo and put a black face on Rhodesia's white power economy. Clearly, Mugabe served the interests of (white) power for years, and when they were done with him then and only then were his crimes legal tender in the propaganda and psychological warfare campaigns whipped up by the West.


Mugabe seized or "won" power through armed struggle on the empty promise of land reform. In the 1980's Mugabe and his "liberation" army terrorized the Ndebele people under the Gukurahundi--a bona fide genocide that involved the Matabelelands in a reign of scorched earth terrorism from circa 1982 to circa 1989. Mugabe's 'Fifth Brigade' troops were trained by North Koreans and they committed the most horrible atrocities. This was The Great Betrayal. Everyone knew it was going on, just like atrocities in other parts of the world are happening in full view of the world, and no action is taken to arrest those responsible.

A typical New York Times propaganda piece juxtaposed with advertising 
employing subliminal seduction: What exactly is for sale in "The trunk show"? 

After arming Mugabe's gang and providing plentiful IMF and World Bank backing, including all the horrible economic injustices required under the IMF's Structural Adjustment Polices, and coincidentally providing a fleet of shiny black Mercedes Benz luxury sedans for Mugabe and his cronies, the international "community" closed its eyes to the slaughter; attempts to break the story were squashed in Britain and the U.S.  

Equally invisible are Mugabe's ties to international arms dealer John Bredenkamp, one of the 50 richest Britons, a former friend of Margaret Thatcher said to be "worth" over $1 billion, and who is tied to BAE Systems (British Aerospace) and the U.S. State Department, and Billy Rautenbach, another Western mining cartel crony and white patron of Mugabe.


Like Bredenkamp and Marc Rich, and Adolph Lundin--all involved in 
plunder and depopulation in Africa--the nasty Billy Rautenbach is one of 
the world's leading criminals on the loose.

When Mugabe's (blind) supporters hear me say that Mugabe plundered Congo their (ridiculous) answer is that Zimbabwe SUPPORTED Laurent Desire Kabila against Museveni and Kagame in the so-called Second Congo War, and that is of course true, but it does not DISMISS or NEGATE Zimbabwe's role in plunder and genocide in Congo, and it does not suggest that these people who make this claim have any deeper understanding of what went on in Central Africa, only a superficial gleaming from western propaganda, though sometimes they (such people) do have a deeper understanding of central Africa events, and are (apparently) just blind cult worshippers of Mugabe.

Neither do the clandestine, subversive, terrorist involvement of the National Endowment for Democracy or International Republican Institute or National Democratic Institute or USAID in Zimbabwe--meddling, psyop-ing, fomenting coups, rigging elections or validating stolen elections--provide a context or argument for dismissing Mugabe's crimes. And which are the greater crimes? Domestic terrorism? ZDF terrorism in Congo? Western intel-meddling-intervention terrorism in Zimbabwe? 


An early Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party
poster showing many so-called "War Vets"--all these men are former
commanders from the war of liberation from Rhodesia.  
Note: Cdr. Emmerson Mnangagwa is 2nd from the left in top row of six.


It is clear that, for example, the entire MDC (movement for Democratic Change) is backed by outside (read: Western) interests, but this does not negate the Ndebele people's agency in choosing who they vote for. If one of the MDC leaders like David Coltart ran for president, for example, would he make a better president--serving the people--than Robert Mugabe? Clearly. Coltart is a good man, who has given a lot to build a better Zimbabwe and a better world. Should he be Zimbabwe's leader? That's not for me to decide, it's for the people, and under Mugabe the people do not have the freedom of choice, and have lost many other freedoms.

Would the MDC expose or reject the nefarious behind-the-scene's machinations of foreign organizations like the NED and IRI and NDI? Probably never.


David Coltart campaigning for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
flashing the symbolic 'open hand' in Bulawayo in June 2000 during the elections.
Photo c. 2000 keith harmon snow

Just look at the big multinational mining and multinational agribusiness operating unperturbed in Zimbabwe. Or, you could even ask an educated honest independent black Zimbabwean journalist that has never been willing to sell out to either side(s) of the propaganda what's really going on in Zimbabwe. But, well, who wants to hear about Africa from Africans? That's like suggesting that you can learn anything at all from a REFUGEE or a survivor of violence as opposed to a Human Rights Watch investigator or a white journalist from the New York Times.

One of my great mistakes was not to more aggressively challenge the great white supremacist Ian Douglas Smith and his evasive responses in the interview I had with him in his own house in Harare. He was old, and he was frail, and I had too much compassion.


A portrait of Ian Douglas Smith at his home.
Photo c. 2000 keith harmon snow

It's clear that a 'soft' military coup by Mugabe insiders against other insiders and with the external advance approval of South africa, the African Union, SADC, and China, has occurred. The new president will be Emmerson Mnangagwa backed by General Constantina Chiwenga--just like Africa Confidential has reported. This is western backed regime change thru internal agents but with western protections and insurances. Naturally, Mugabe and his cronies--including those who have just seized power--are playing China off against the U.S. and U.K. and the rest of the global capitalists that have been plundering Africa (just as China is and will).

Those who blindly support Mugabe might do well to listen to the people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Soldiers.jpg

Zimbabwe Defense Forces & Zimbabwe Police commanders in Harare.
Photo: c. 2000 keith harmon snow


In other words: What is happening in Zimbabwe today?

Well, there's a terrorist clinging to power, and fomenting terror, even on his deathbed, and he is being assaulted by demonic western hegemonic institutions, like the NDI and IRI and NED, and all sorts of provocateurs, and while the white power structure has decided its time for him to go, it really is, but the people have no say in that, becuase there is a military dictatorship in power. No one (in the West) talks about his worst crimes because too many are culpable in them, or else they (who are silent) mistakenly foolishly and arrogantly insist he is a saint, a black liberation demi-god, if not God himself, who is being unfairly persecuted by the white supremacists, or else they are already dead (e.g. all those Ndebeles in Matabeleland). Meanwhile, the diamond kingpins, and mining magnates, and other white collar war criminals and counterfeits are busy wringing hands, arranging arms deals, and making sure that no one spills the beans or divulges secrets or steals a piece of their unhard-earned gold- and diamond-studded pies. The people, of course, except for the veteran white nationalists, which means almost every white still in the country, are as usual losing all the way around, and watch mouths agape as every kind of humanitarian charlatan speaks for them. Save the Children and Care and George Clooney and Ben Affleck are all gearing up to make a few more millions, while the U.S. bible belt agri-barons prepare to ship their rotting wheat to the already starving black masses, and then get their usual tax write-offs backed by Christian Evangelical U.S. senators and their puppet faux non-government-government-intelligence organizations like Bread for the World, while Angelina Jolie is booking flights to swoop in and selflessly write any checks necessary to adopt another 'homeless' orphaned black baby while the kids' parents stand there (in handcuffs) and (try to) wave goodbye and wipe the tears from their eyes. Of course, Israel has nothing to do with this (and it would be anti-semitic if I suggested they did). U.S. covert ops are also nowhere to be found, of course, and why would they be? They are building schools and cradling infants at Camp Lemonnier (Djibouti) and other U.S. military bases that have apparently only today arrived on the continent along with the newly discovered AFRICOM, and the always expanding scores of thousands of U.S. covert ops are also busy sorting out what went wrong with their Operation Defend Freedom mission in NIger -- 2nd poorest country on earth, except for all that uranium we got our radioactive hands on. Of course, you can get any number of white guys and white gals and even black or brown people to zimsplain the situation in readily digestible newspeak. In other words.... nothing out of the ordinary. What business is it of yours? Excuse me, now, let's get back to The Lion King or the latest PBS special on cheetahs hosted by Sir David Attenborough and the National Geographic. By the way: who is John Bredenkamp anyway? And what is this (italics) Gukurahundi? Some kind of sandwich? It was Russia, anyways, that's who is behind all this.


The real questions people who are suddenly concerned about Zimbabwe should be asking are: How did Mugabe stay in power for so long? Sixteen years after the 2000 elections and some 36 years after seizing power Mugabe is still being reckoned with. How do such presidents and kings stay in power for such long periods of time if not through fascism and dictatorship and external support?

For the ordinary Zimbabwean people, not much will change if the ZANU-PF and War Vets stay in power, and they probably will. But the fact remains it is the choice of the Zimbabwean people. Mugabe's time to leave has long since passed. Westerners and "pan-Africanists" (a highly contentious and rather meaningless category at this time) that support and worship Mugabe are clinging to a false god. Seeing the inequalities and injustices of the white power capitalist fascist world today, it's no wonder, it's understandable, but it's ill-conceived, and just plain wrong.

Of course, if they want to drag Mugabe before the International Criminal Court, they can go to hell (unless they drag Bush I and II, Cheney, the Clintons, Kansteiner, Rautenbach, Bredenkamp, Rich, and a whole slew of the white war criminals and genocidaires there first.)


Ndebele survivors (and their children) of the Gukurahundi stand outside 
a watering hole ready to haul water in the Matabelelands.
Photo c. 2000 keith harmon snow


Standing with the extraordinary and wonderful people of Zimbabwe. Mwanawebvu.

Written by: keith harmon snow

Photography Credits: keith harmon snow

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