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FACEBOOK Censors Another Inconvenient Truth

keith harmon snow
15 May 2019

The following post was censored by Facebook on 14 May 2019. It lasted a couple hours only before receiving the "THIS POST VIOLATES OUR COMMUNITY STANDARDS" award. I have recreated it exactly as I remember it, for the most part, but have edited a couple errors and clarified what I meant with the Q. & A. "And babies" by adding the actual poster (photo) it refers to. I also included the footnotes to the book chapter excerpt.

If you post the link to this Conscious Being Alliance post on FB and you do not "Remove Preview" (X) the first photo below--crying Hutu child next to dead mother--you will probably also be blocked from any FB activity for 24 hours on the basis of "sexual content." (See the end of this story.)



A friend sent me this photo today after I wrote him to ask for some feedback on an OP/ED I am working on in response to a recent OP/ED about GENOCIDE IN RWANDA, 25 YEARS LATER written by an affiliate of the Karuna Center (Amherst, MA).

Zaire Hutus-2.jpg

It is because of my experience in Central Africa interviewing survivors of Paul Kagame's war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, and my personally knowing survivors like the man who sent me this photo, who was there when this (photo) happened, that I continue to work on this issue.  

The Pentagon was there, backing the Rwandan Patriotic Army and Ugandan army (UPDF), and USAID watched approvingly as refugee camps were attacked--in contravention of international laws and treaties protecting refugees--and hundreds of thousands of innocent non-combatant Rwandan Hutu people were immediately massacred or hunted down and massacred al the way across the Congo. The victims were mostly women and children.  My friend who sent me the photo survived.

The New York Times, Newsweek, and other western press played their part in facilitating the slaughter by dehumanizing all Hutu people as genocidaires (genocidal killers).

Q. And babies?  

A. And babies.  

This "and babies" is a reference to a famous Vietnam war resistance poster showing a photo of a massacre of Vietnamese people killed by the US soldiers. See the Vietnam era poster (which was not included in the censored Facebook post of 14 May 2019) reproduced below.

And babies? Vietnam Poster.jpg


I usually don't publish graphic photos like this one from eastern Congo-Zaire, though some of my own images from central Africa verge on this level of horror. Kagame continues to get away with murder, backed by the United States, UK, Canada, Israel, and other NATO countries.


Here's what I wrote about the Karuna Center for Peacebuilding in my chapter on Congo in the book HOW THE US CREATES SH*THOLE COUNTRIES (Clarity Press, 2018):


Beyond the involvement of private military companies (e.g. Sandline International, Branch Energy, Executive Outcomes, Erinys, etc.) and western military agents documented by this and other journalists, imperialism's genocidal onslaught in Africa includes the most seemingly benign agents of change. Consider the progressive sounding Karuna Center for Peacebuilding, a U.S.-based political entity--described as a non-government organization (NGO)--that projects its 'work' as politically neutral. According to their own public relations:

"[W]e bridge divides to build sustainable peace...Civil wars, political instability, and environmental challenges are an increasing threat to human security across the globe. Our multi-dimensional approach to peacebuilding builds the social resilience that is required to adapt to 21st century challenges." [1]

The Karuna Center for Peacebuilding sits at the center of a network of white power imperial forces that serve as the vanguard for interventionist pro-war and intelligence interests, assimilation programs and military operations. Karuna everywhere peddles the U.S. establishment's false narrative about genocide in Rwanda and Sudan. [2] The fact that Karuna is deeply involved with the Kagame dictatorship and is also operating in eastern Congo says it all: only those interests that gain the direct protection or indirect approval of Kigali and Kampala and their western and Israeli backers are able to operate successfully in the eastern Congo.
Karuna's partners, affiliates and colleagues include some of the leading intelligence agents involved in central Africa, Sudan, or elsewhere. One of Karuna's partners is the ENOUGH organization, the U.S. intelligence front group pretending to be concerned about violence around the world but instead serving very subversive imperial interests, including the R2P project, and the entire false and inverted global politics of genocide. [3] Counted on the board of directors of ENOUGH is Colonel Rick Orth, one of the architects of the U.S. invasion of Congo-Zaire. [4]

Many of Karuna's partners and affiliates are deeply tied to the softer arms of the Pentagon, institutions such as the National Democratic Institute (NDI), USAID, National Republican Institute (NRI), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the (equally benign sounding) U.S. Institute for Peace. Karuna is also close with the International Peace and Security Institute, an organization with dubious agents of imperialism sitting on its boards (e.g. David Crane, Gareth Evans, John Prendergast, Chester Crocker). [6] Again, if you have not heard of these people it is because your sources of "news" are not news sources at all.

Most of Karuna's partners, employees and advocates are involved in the intelligence sector, with the U.S. State Department, or with some other highly compromised politico-military-intelligence interest. These links can be easily discovered and documented. Amongst the most obvious conflicts of interest--for an organization that claims to be involved in peacemaking--Karuna's partner AECOM is a Private Military Corporation whose contract base includes U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, NASA, FEMA, USAID, World Bank, Department of Homeland Security and SPAWAR. With an $899 million contract with the Pentagon's Cyber Command, AECOM is quite literally at the heart of the beast of western terrorism and permanent warfare. [7]

Karuna Map.jpg

Karuna works with AECOM in Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal and other places. In Afghanistan, Karuna is 'building peace' in partnership with the Washington D.C.-based Initiative for Public Security. Coincidentally, AECOM provides combat support for the U.S. Army and Coalition forces in Afghanistan. [8]

The Initiative for Public Security is an intelligence front group whose partners include all the wrong think tanks, foundations, councils and PACs, including the Council on Foreign relations, National Democratic Institute, the Center for a New American Security, and others, and these are staffed, directed or advised by military and intelligence and political people of dubious repute. [9]

Like most of those people and organizations and interests that feed from the trough, the Karuna Center for Peacebuilding will not challenge it's ideological peers, the U.S. government, the Pentagon, the C.I.A., or the black power interests installed as dictatorships or in key gatekeeper positions that it relies upon and partners with. Instead, Karuna applauds the terrorist regimes of Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and Congolese president Hippolyte Kanambe (alias Joseph Kabila) [10] just as they applaud their western benefactors and pat themselves on the back for orchestrating peace and security.

Karuna epitomizes the white power interests that situate themselves as neutral, always operating from the epistemologies of ignorance, arrogance and innocence, always claiming the moral high ground, always presenting their white selves as innocent, projecting their moral superiority, but in reality perpetuating violence, often at the deepest levels, because they are actually in the business of war. [11] ~


One of my FB friends posted this Conscious Being Alliance link and was blocked for 24 hours; he received the following messages:

FB Standards.jpg

FB Standards-2.jpg

THE CLAIM THAT THIS IS ABOUT SEXUALITY / NUDITY IS A COWARDLY FRONT FOR THE REAL ISSUES: Facebook is a fascist institution that assists in the manufacture of consent and dumbing down of its users.



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Written by: keith harmon snow

Photography Credits: MSF

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